Tank Treads (alternate method?)

I am helping to create a game with a friend in Ogre 3D. I am charged with creating the models for the game, which includes tanks with working treads. I have no problem doing any of this in Blender using the popular method of an arrayed mesh around a bezier circle. However, I realize now that when exported for Ogre, the export does not recognize the bezier circle, and the treads come out as that one arrayed mesh, just without it curved to the shape bezier circle. I can make the arrayed mesh into a solid mesh, and it will stay that same shape regardless of the bezier circle, but then it will no longer follow the bezier circle path. Instead it will move around as a whole.

I was wondering if there is an alternate method anyone knows of to create some animated treads without using the bezier circle technique. I do know of using texture animations, but the tanks I am creating are high poly (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tueq8ITmPoo) so the treads will not make much sense being animated only through textures.

If you have an alternate method of animating treads, or have had a successful blender-to-ogre treads-creating method, please post it here.