Tank War

I’m making an arcady game called Tank War. No story to it really, but in it you try to destroy the other tanks. When you destroy other tanks you get stats.
Some stats include:
and parts.
You can use parts to customize your tank.
There are several levels that you can travel around and destory enemies.
Here are some screen shots of the first two levels:

The enemies patrol around the map, but do not yet attack you. I will add that next.
So what do you think? Does the game look ok? I will add more updates later, and eventually a demo.

Pretty good so far but still a long way to go before you can call it a finished game

I know, but I don’t plan on giving up.

U might wanna setup a little similar to this…

a tank game I started a while back but got bored after 15 mins … I still have the blend file YAY:eyebrowlift:


tank_game.blend (351 KB)

Oh ya I might take it back up so don’t completely copy the file, just a reference to mess around with and how experienced R you?

Your game is cool, and potentially an awesome game, but for my game I was trying for a more arcady game, but now I’m not so sure. I think I’m going to write a save script that will save the level, location, and stats of your game. I still want to keep the blue and red tanks, just for the acradish sake.
You asked how experienced am I, well I am not a noob. I wouldn’t say I am a pro, but I am definitly not a noob.

Pretty good gameplay - keep it up! You might want to concentrate on improving the graphics, adding materials and textures (whilst still maintaining blue and red teams).
It would be cool if you had a multiplayer function.

Multiplayer. huh? Not a bad idea! I could just add a button on the Main Menu that says Multiplayer! As you can see I already have some functions of the Main Menu:

Each button is functional.

About the textures, I agree and will be doing that soon.
Thanks for the support!
-Fabled Face