Tank work in progress

kv1 widened.blend (2.1 MB)

Hello, I am new to this community and blender in general. This is my first tank project. It is still work in progress so please critique and tell me what can be done to improve it. Any advice or comments are welcome. This tank is the Russian WW2 tank KV-1.

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Could you add a screen-shot so we can easily see (and admire …) it?

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kv1 widened2.blend (2.3 MB)
small update for tracks and fenders

I have added more details to the model but I have a problem . For some reason many of the edges are not connected to each other. Almost like the model has unwrapped itself. What can I do to fix this?

So are the faces with said edges still in place or did they also move around mysteriously like it seems to be in your image? Did you possibly select these edges and applied edge split by accident?

No I moved the edge to better see. Oh I did applied an edge split modifier. Is there any way to put the edges back together?

If all faces are still in place it would probably be best to just select all vertices of the split edges and merge them by distance.

EDIT: oops, that’s of course the way it’s called in 2.8. Do that aziu3 said below if you’re still using 2.79

try to select all vertices, press W and select “Remove Doubles”

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Ah thank you very much!

Is there a reason why you don’t use Auto Smooth instead of the Edge Split modifier?


Is it better? I am new to blender so I do not know all the best ways to do things

It clears up space in the modifier stack so yes, it’s better.

Ok I will use it then.

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you also can’t apply it by accident and find a lot of new unwanted edges in your model :wink: