trying to make a gasoline tanker…
need BIG help with the textures and colors… :frowning:
C&C welcome, is my first one…

Still need to make some rimms, dont know how to start. and also the cabin need detail. someone can give me hints to start?
hints for the paint are needed as you can see. (click the image for 1600x1200)


need other pic, just ask…

For the rims look here:


HTH, Olaf.

thank you, I’ll centrainly try it :slight_smile:

On your cylinders, select them and go to the edit buttons windows (F9) and click “Auto Smooth” and “Set Smooth”.

Good luck.

Oh thanks… that’s what I needed. I don’t know all the buttons yet :slight_smile:

It’s all a matter of practice. Good work so far, how long have you been blending?

its my first week… first played with the colors a bit with a cube and a cylinder. this is my first ‘thing’ that represents a real thing

You’re doing awesome for your first week. One of the main mistakes I made when I was new was I’d undertake too large of projects. But I think you’ll be able to finish this tanker no problem. It’s in doing things like this that you learn new skills.

I hope to do so :smiley:

For your first week with blender, that’s great!

update… still have to do the wheels.


how can I un-flatten the frons… how can I make a smooth roof-front connection?

You could subdivide and extrude. Subdivide by press w -> subdivide and extrude by pressing e. I’m a beginner myself, been using blender for about a week also and I want to start something to model just don’t know what:( . Anyone have any ideas. Anyway… good job.

looks good keep it up.

I just wanted to say i get a “404” with all your links.