Tao (Red Giant) pluggin ... something similar in Blender?

Hallo !

This is a very simple, cheap and straight forward way of creating complex geometries along a path.

Is there a way to do something similar in Blender? Or to interact with both apps??


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This took about ten minutes in geometry nodes Blender 3.0, this is not the only way to achieve it either, probably do it all with some arraying tapering and a mirror mod, but I like geo nodes.

So yeah, I’d say pretty trivial for Blender!

Happy Blending.

Thanks for the hints!

But… is there an add-on or a way to do it straight forward?

There are so many areas that I am learning and dealing with (learning 3D since one year), that building my own procedural geometry generator seems a bit daring at this moment …

Just with modifiers then?

cheaptrapcode.zip (679.2 KB)

have a Blender 3.0 file…

Do you have a blend for this to share or a higher res node tree image?

DNADAncer.zip (702.9 KB)

Sure… Blender 3.0 daily build from this week,

Ive fiddled more with it.

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Thank you!

Great … but after downloading the file (thanks a lot for the work), I just was not able to make any changes or to understand how to tweak it or do something similar… and I took my time!

After one hour with Tao AE plugging, I just created such a mesmerizing and beautiful geometries that I almost faint.

…I am starting to learn Houdini, so on the other hand Blender seems so easy and straight forward compared to it.