tapered glare in compositor

I want to make a tapered glare on a sun in a space scene similar to this, http://www.forwallpaper.com/wallpaper/space-sun-brightness-light-planet-earth-the-iss-184134.html

Glare node in the compositor can make streak effects similar to this.

the glare node make parallel sides on the glare instead of tapered.


Like this?

Yes! That looks nice, can that be done with more than 4 steaks?

it’s a bit of a work around:

Is there a way to do without it turning black and white?

There is no truning into black and white, it is just that his image is B&W.

no, it does, I used the dilate/erode node which only takes b/w input.
You could set up an RGB split node into three separate instances of the erode node and then combine them again but it does seem like there should be an easier way.
I’ll keep thinking and get back to you if I think of a better way of doing it