Taras Low poly

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Lively scene. Using icosphere as smoke works pretty well!

I am curious about the glow, was it made in post or compositor ?

Not sure if the image would gain anything by adding a slice of street (think ground, pipe, sewer) in the bottom instead of the sharp cube edge.

Might be nitpicking but if you zoom near the top of street lamp, there’s artifact around them.
It may be denoiser noise ?

Nice low poly work very good job…

Nice image! I love the car leaning to the left to make the turn. The depth of field might be a little too heavy towards the back; I wish I could see the people in more detail. I think the glow is a touch heavy too, but overall this is an excellent render. Fantastic work!

nice work man … really amazing and stunning !!!

haha love it!

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Here is more works, enjoy and thanks again :wink:

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