Tardis + K-9

Hi here is a project I finished a while ago, but never posted. Its of the Tardis and K-9 from doctor who.

Interesting… good first project.


it is a great first step, play with the lighting and material settings a little more

I made an accurate TARDIS model, as seen in my avatar… Yours has an oddly shaped top.

Edit: Here’s my .blend; the background image is perfectly accurate, I assure you:

[http://www.qso.com/carlautta/colin/TARDIS scale.blend](http://www.qso.com/carlautta/colin/TARDIS scale.blend)

Edit2: The only thing I didn’t model is the notice on the door and the door handle.

And a rendered image:

![http://www.qso.com/carlautta/colin/3D_Images/Blender/TARDIS scale.jpg](http://www.qso.com/carlautta/colin/3D_Images/Blender/TARDIS scale.jpg)