Tarrant Tabor - commercial variant


Almost finished passanger compartment.


Inside framing pretty much done for my current purposes.
original framing was more dense, but I don’t need it nor have time for it now.


So cockpit is pretty much ready now (for my purposes at least).

It feels cramped though, for aircraft this size, so I will probably need to place some ragdoll dummy for reference and adjust scale of some things.


Continuing Rolls Royce Condor. Going on with cylinders and valve springs.


I made this camshaft covers to just resemble actual shape, as it is very convoluted part. But I would really like to know a better way to cut it, as I wing it and I’m not satisfied much with the result.


It’s kind of simplified at many points, but I finished cylinders.


Engine block is going ok.


This looks like a fun project. Please keep on going!

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is this the Napier 12 cylinders
with 3 rows of 4 pistons ?

very strange engine for an airplane powerplant !

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It’s Rolls Royce Condor V12.
Original version of Tarrant Tabor had Napier, but the hypothetical variant I’m doing uses Condor engine.

Although before I realized it, I started doing Napier.
Very weird engine for an airplane, but I think it was actually first engine of its kind (with a W arrangement of cylinders I mean).

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Where it was even weirder is a Napier’s racing car.

cool project.
If realism from an engineering perspective should be important to you, here are a few tips (I have an aerospace engineering background):

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Thanks for the tips. Some of the things I was aware off, but I’m not aiming at full realism here and try to make this as fast as possible. It’s basically prop for an RPG session (of Call of Cthulu no less).

I’m aware that there should be more stringers, but I’m just lazy here. I figured I will add more of them If I find time later, but probably leave it as is. I used this reference when making it (there’s not much on Tabor unfortunately):

For doors I had no real reference, just the simple drawing, to which I cut them. I actually have a big problem with them, because I don’t know how hinge them with such big curvature (at least using simple hinge) :smiley:

With windows I’m on the fence right now. I wanted to be true to the drawing attached to the scenario I’m doing it for, but actually I’m already opting for rounded windows like this (for one, they look better):

Description I have state also that passenger windows can be opened, but I probably drop that as this sounds implausible and hard to implement here in the model.
Also, I’m not sure if stress on it would be that great and tragic. It’s all wooden plane designed to fly very low and slow, and I don’t think that the skin on it was load bearing structure in any way (but I’m not expert).
The description I have also state that in the back compartment there is a toilet and luggage (and parachutes). How I could fit it all there I have no idea :smiley:


The door is normally hinged so it goes straight out first and then slides to one side.
Here’s an image and a technical drawing.

Another solution for your door would be to rotate it open (assuming your plane body is circular). If you have issues with head space due to the doors thickness you might be able to rotate it downwards so the top of the door becomes flush with the floor.
It depends on what is below the deck.

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I have a problem, that it should be some WW1 technology, and I don’t think they had hinges like that yet.

I wanted to make something like this, to match the period, but curvature is so high that only one hinge will fit there:


This is a problem, but since it’s fantasy plane, and I really want to finish it quickly and move to other things, I’ll probably just make one hinge and call it a day for now :smiley:

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is there some video to show how these plane’s door works ?
for the latest door’s and the one’s in WWI

may be time to start adding experimenting with some cycles mat and texture

nice work for such an old plane WWI

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WW1 doors worked exactly like regular doors I think.

Engine is pretty much last thing I will add, and then add some simple materials.
As I said, I want to finish it as quickly as I can and use it for reference.

Then I will move for some WW2 aircraft for different project.

i still have a whole thread on WWII things
including some medium res airplanes ect…

can’t wait what you decide to do for WWII
WWII is a vast subject with so many models

good luck
happy bl