Taxi Driver Movie Poster

Hey guys,

made this for the weekend contest over a blendernation. Theme this WE is “famous movie posters”. All in all i had about 3 hours for the whole image.

Hope you like it.

Great design, very nice .

Love the minimalist style! Great job!

I love, it changes what we usually see here.
It is very successful graphically.

great concept and design, although 2 crits:

Didn’t he use a revolver in the movie?

And, the modeling on the gun is a bit lacking in detail compared to the taxi. But overall, this is good enough to go beyond those small faults.

Looks really cool! I like it! The style is really cool… I like how the top is a car and the bottom an M9 frame!

inspiring! really cool idea :slight_smile:

Cool one, I think that you will win this keep up :wink:

OK, so you won the contest and most of the entries were also pretty unoriginal

But, I wanted to amend my post, because this was not just “inspired” by someone else’s work, it was directly plagiarized… it looks like you just traced it and then added some lighting.

Technically yours is not so bad, but honestly I’m very unimpressed that you just straight up ripped off the other poster for a contest entry.


Source please.

01 DÉCEMBRE 2012

Well… what can I say.

Thanks michalis, I knew that it predated OP’s image but I didn’t know exactly from when or where.

How dare you steal someone else’s design!

@computerWhiz: Pls don’t act as a sissy Fa. . . . “How Dare You Steal” - you sound like a little sissy girl.

Now to the author, I guess there’s nothing wrong in replicating and even more so creating you version of someone elses work, If you want to pick up the painting of Picasso and copy it or create your vision of it, there’s nothing wrong, but the whole contest thing is that the work has to be original and completely your creation, so if you have uploaded this like “just a work” then it would have been fine, but as a competition entry, it’s a bit not fair and yea it’s like stealing . . . Like the work though, looks very good, but the colors are too “happy”, fits Pixar film more than something as dark and dramatic as the “Taxi Driver” . . .

WOW… That’s a bummer

I should say, I’m not really against copying others’ work as long as it’s acknowledged as such. It’s often a good way to learn and building on others’ ideas often yields something new and interesting, even if there is a lot of copying involved. But, I am against passing off others’ ideas as one’s own. I think OP did not make it clear enough (although they didn’t claim it was totally original).