TBW - An UPBGE Blender Game!

You can make sompe lighting mood in Upbge 0.3, using color grading for example.
The concern is more about the overall lighting looking very old school, and the dark materials assets or shaders not very appropriate to make it look good.

Do you have some image of the clone wars mood ?

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I like what you’re saying here man:

Lol thanks for your wonderful feedback buddy i truly appreciate it thanks so much buddy.

well on the other hand when i meant im pushing UPBGE beyond its limits i meant Gameplay wise and mechanics not so much visuals, ive decided that my visuals should remain distinct and retain a sense of consistency throughought but so far judging from what ive seen over the years this is some of the best content to ever come out of BGE … (upbge)

So im not surprised, yes i am interested in creating complex shaders however iam not a pro maybe you could PM me and advise me maybe we could discuss this further i do plan on making a DEFINITIVE VERSION of the game where i can flex the visuals in UPBGE 0.3.0 pls PM me so that we can discuss this further maybe i need some advise as you’ve suggested here on the thread.

keep me posted on your systems regarding perfect lighting simulations for the Game Engine, my main focus in 0.2.0 is to deliver the Game as is not to push visuals, visuals will be distinct and consistent and cinematic for story telling but GAMEPLAY is a priority and delivery…


i saw the image you sent me regarding the WITCHER 3’s Graphical fidelity not bad but don’t expect TBW to fully flex those kind of atmospheric effects Blender 2.80+ is a pain to deal with regarding material setups and complex node groups…

what im saying is you really need to know what you’re doing in order to achieve that also performance isn’t guaranteed …


yess i guess you could say that im using the Clone Wars Approach to the story and Gameplay…


The Witcher 3 image was about the global lighting and nature colors example for your ground scenes.
But i think what you made is already very good and don’t really need adjustements. Your graphics fits well a game that is more about vehicles.

I made a paint over in case you would be interested to modify coloring

Will grass and trees be animated by some wind shader effect ?

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Yeah initially that’s the plan but you see im looking for a more efficient way of handling motion in a scene cuz the demand is high ive witnessed a few frame rate dips on my friends 1070Ti every now and then the optimization techniques are playing a huge role in sustaining the large environment the best way to go about consistency with spawning is using the same tiling system but now to tile trees along the surface of the terrain based on where the player is.

Will check out the image just now thanks buddy @Ratchet


It looks Very very nice man close to a painting as possible what software did you use?


It’s a quick paint over using Gimp.
Just to show grass and trees textures with a little more brighter color and some more green would look perhaps better on your game, to avoid the “dark objects on a bright floor” look of your open world.

I found you already made amazing nature planet with good brightness and colors.
Why your last screenshots look worse ?
I think the new grass and trees are really bad quality textures and materials compared to the others you used.

All other scenes in your game are looking amazing.

Do you use some LOD or LOD groups to keep a good performance ?
Or some portals culling ?

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Ohh i see yeah man true lighting tricks come in handy when tweaking up all these minor details…

Thks so much buddy and i’ll do my best to get it back to that standard of quality Again!

See but the thing is, that was when i was working on TBW - Pre-Alpha Demo builds.
The Pre Alpha Builds i pushed visuals really far and performance was Tanked in the process; the current work ive showcased “Recently” is Alpha Demo footage and Alpha build maps are Enormous in scope so optimization techniques are fairly limited and iam still working on this.
(but performance is better so far judging from th benchmark tests ive made regarding the latest showcased planet!)

so like i said maintaining consistency is tricky but im so happy you’ve managed to point that out also the realtime Grass is demanding and i realized that Pre-Alpha maps were much smaller than the alpha maps scope.

the Pre Alpha Maps ive showcased before were:
- Grassy PLANET

- Ocean PLANET

i use Everything i maxed out all the integrated features that the Engine offers hence why im saying im going out of my way to create a new system that can better manage the demand and more so that it can sustain the games new demands…

I think ive experimented with culling before back in my early Pre-alpha builds and tests haven’t proven successful, infact culling bugs alot since we’re using Game 3 i think that portion of the template needs to be attended too because there’s alot we can save on instead of the game having high Hardware demands…


@Ratchet but i still think that the Downgrade in low resolution textures and nature assets was a necessary cause in order to achieve better performance and optimization techniques but i’ll try and bring back the HD 1080p Textures … 4K textures are necessary on the terrain :thinking:

like i said before in many threads its all about sacrificing ive said it time and time again even back when i used to work with Default normal BGE, you’ll either have to sacrifice one of the 2:
"Performance" or "Visuals"
in order to blend the game between both you need a system that can manage the Game’s resources efficiently without butchering the Full player’s experience :smiley:
The next challenge in 0.3.0 would be to achieve the best performance since Visuals are already BEEFY :scream:


Update Follow Up: (Week 02)

Here are some quick video clips just for the Behind the scenes just to SHOWCASE !!!

VIDEOS: (Planet Showcase Behind the Scenes in Blender)

Guys pls excuse the Mic Volume my moms PC’s mic causes background noise idk why lol but i’ll be sure to have more quiet videos going forward.




This is the common open worlds common issue, it’s empty, repetitive trees and ground, quickly borring.
But it looks good for a terrain in Upbge, Did you changed ground and plants color and brightness ?
What i priorize is gameplay, will you show good gameplay ?
(Many games with great graphics got ruined because they was too much annoying or alraedy seen game or had too many gameplay issues)

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Im working on getting appropriate replacements so that i do not butcher the overall quality of the scenery in essence im trying to get 1080p textures of the same nature!

:dizzy_face: :grinning: Yess, infact that’s what im busy on this month, im busy compiling up a build ive been wanting to showcase for a very very long time now; the character classes are done and fully animated.
Im just adding in vehicles and will revamp the map a little bit and i need to still hook up the UI, My Private Collaboration team has been assisting me with the Jedi temple assets, an apartment in the city and @Daedalus_MDW is hard at work on the Core for the Game 3 Template (this template is mainly a framework that helps manage everything py for the game), there’s alot going on but good progress is coming forth your way as the viewer and as a supporter.

i’ll be sure to drop the very 1st TBW - (Closed) Alpha Demo Showcase Gameplay footage sometime in April 2020… :scream: and this will be full hands on Gameplay footage right from the get go… (Main Menu UI and more)

Unfortunately this is not the case with this game, this game is a response to all the rumors and opinions false statements that people have spread over the years about UPBGE, This game testify’s to the Greatness of what the Engine is capable of doing and i say this boldly!

The Game was initially designed as a technical approach to making games on UPBGE, basically acknowledging all the Game Engine’s Limitations and working around them instead of fixing them like the UPBGE devs do; ive decided to go that route because its assured that the game will reach completion and also this will open up new room for newbies to flock over to UPBGE in the future.
(I have planned RESOURCES, TUTORIALS and DOCUMENTATION to produce after the completion of the BETA Build and later on final build, the goal is to attract more users and also developers to come help develop UPBGE at a more quicker rate than currently!)


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It’s not towards your game.
Perhaps i find most open world games (indie or the so called “AAA” ) quickly repetitive when there is too much roaming and side quests or secondary things to do i can find borring.

That’s a great way to introduce people, and great to show Upbge can handle big scope games as well.

Cool, i’m looking forward to play the demo.

TBW isn’t an Open World!


im Glad to have a supporter who is willing to test the Upcoming Builds, so you can expect a build from around June/ July Latest August; You can expect to see our 1st PUBLIC Alpha Demo Build drop by then.

well @Ratchet iam so gratefully humbled by your wonderful answers here on this thread, by these comments you are supporting the project ant it truly means alot it shows that at least you care!


I think you did great and achieved good looking results considering Upbge is not the most advanced engine and Upbge does not provide all tools and features you can find on big ones.
I expect a polished enough demo with great gameplay, and good UI, with Star Wars universe music and sounds.

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When i played the first video i thought what is he frying? Haha
Keep on going can’t wait to see more.

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What i mean’t was that TBW is more of a levels Game, each mission has a Level and the level’s are large maps that can be replayed over and over only in Arcade mode, and so one of my main focuses is Re-playability im working on the game modes and the side content.

@Ratchet so the Campaign is essentially just there to tell the story unlock new mission levels and they’ll be unlocked in Arcade mode automatically, so its Synced to your personal Campaign Progression system.


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Can you post some gameplay teasers ?
How many levels did you achieve already ?

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I can’t wait to see this coming alive!

I also can’t wait to investigate all the tricks and tweaks that were used in your project. It really looks promising, and your flying city is impressive, to say the least. I’ll keep an eye on this thread. :wink:

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