TDI Kriss Submachine Gun Modeling Series

Been working on a modeling series for a submachine gun called the TDI Kriss.
Commentary starts at Part 4

Render (Low and High Poly) (Not Organized)

My Reference(56k Warning)











Parts 1 - 6 have finished uploading more parts to be uploaded tommorow

Very nice, I’ll have to check it out. (with me being a gun nerd/modeler :D)

Looks pretty awesome!

If you still (hopefully??) have the source files of the video maybe you could try uploading to Vimeo or something?

Perhaps it another service wouldn’t cause so much problems with the video.

I can try and vimeo them but they are about 100mb each so i would run over vimeos download limit, i will upload parts 1-6 to mediafire for download and also start work on more parts this morning, thanks for your comments.

Parts 1-6 uploading to mediafire @ 25% and part 7 complete, will do part 8-10 then upload them to youtube and mediafire.

Ok, i just finished part 10, uploading to ytub and then mediafire.

EDIT: the part 10 .avi was corrupted, i so no part 10 it doesnt play in vlc nor does it load in blender going to make a new part 10 tommorow but you will unfortunately miss out on some of the modeling.

EDIT#2: Uploading Parts 7-9 to youtube now.

EDIT#3: HAPPY! camstudio has a temp dir and my Part10 file and audio are there gnna combine in blender and upload.

Mind posting the mediafire link?:stuck_out_tongue:

The upload for Parts 1-6 is at 83% i will post a link when it is finished.

EDIT: Mediafire doesnt allow files over 100mb going to have to convert into 100mb chunks, sorry for the trouble.

EDIT#2 I cant get these files below 100mb going to upload to later hopefully the quality will be good enough.

Oh ok, thanks.

Ok parts 1-9 are uploaded to youtube and 10 is uploading and Parts 1-10 are being uploaded to now and will be available for watching/download in i estimate 4-5 hours.

Parts 7-10 are uploaded to youtube and the download link for part 1 is in the original post part 2 is uploading and will be available for download soon.

Part 1-10 are Available for Download, more parts soon.

Ok, Parts 11-15 are done and Uploading and Parts 1-10 are available for download and Parts 11-15 will be available tommorow for download, and The Low and High poly model of the kriss is done render in the Original Post.

mach any chance of a slowed down version of part 1, as some beginners may want to learn off it and it is going a tad fast. for learners

Err, i am not sure if i still have the original file but i will see but right now i cant do much.

EDIT: I still have the file i will upload it to later cant youtube it because its 13 minutes long.

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It would do well in the Tutorials forum but i didnt post it there originally because it requires approval and takes awhile and also not as much exposure way down there.

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