Tea Cup Scene -> general Advice Appreciated

This is another scene I made yesterday. Again, I`m new to Blender, so please do keep in Mind that I am not yet familiar with all the specific terms for things (regarding Modelling and or Texturing)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Good start.

To me the cup and saucer shape is odd. But I have seen many odd shaped cups in real life so maybe not.

The spoon is a little too flat.

The only real problem (for me) is the composition. Why so much room on the left?

The light is good. Keep going, good job.

Tanks :slight_smile:
Tool Flat in General Or Do you mean the Front of the Spion?
Your right About the free room, but I just don’t Know what to Put there

Nice one!

Things I would play with:
> perhaps add a little tea spill on the saucer, a little tea leak on the side of the cup;
> add some depth of field;
> if you choose to leave the compo as is, try adding an out-of-focus, dimly-lit foreground element in the bottom-left side of the frame (could be a vase or any other table object).
> scatter some subtle dust or perhaps some sugar grains to the surface of the table (could be anything) - so you can break the uniformity of it a little.

The “bowl” of the spoon definitely.

The curve of the handle would be beautiful also.

So, something in the lines of this?

So, including your advice this is what I added / changed:
> added “dust” or scratches to the Wood
> deepened the bowl of the spoon
> heightend the neck
> Added depth of field
> Added vase

I think your on the right track.

But the vase on the left is the first thing your eye goes to.

Is there an artistic reason why you don’t want to center the cup?

No, there isn’t
What would you say, how could I make it less of an eye-catcher? Make it smaller? Center the Lighting on the cup?

The sugar bowl bothers me. It looks like it’s completely a hemisphere, which would make it prone to rocking and possibly spilling the contents out.

see the 1/3 rule
which give the coffee cup the point of focus !

the plate is too big I think reduce diam a bit
and looks totally flat!

happy cl

Looks better !

For the vase you could make it even blurrier (and darker <- shine less light on it) so that you draw attention towards the hero which is the cup. :slight_smile:
Another thought is you could add some shadows on the table, coming from off-screen objects, if you like. This might create a better sense of the surrounding scene and break things up even more.

Thanks for all the advice
I’ll try to implement it as soon as I can

Ok, so I redid the lighting a little and increased the overall blur. I also gave it a little more color and the table should have some small uneaven bits, though I`m not sure if you can see them

This is very good! Very good indeed.