Tea Party - Help please


I have a few more things to add, but am uncertain as to what to add. That’s one issue.

Any ideas would help.

I am considering a table cloth, little fabric coasters - though that might take away, and a jar of honey by the actual tea. Maybe with a milk container.

Definitely add a table cloth, but I would suggest a more subtle one without a loud pattern. You wouldn’t want to distract from the nice patterns on the cups and saucers ect. Definitely add more light…way to dark right now I think.
You might want to rotate the cups that are turned upside down, to add a little variety.
You might also want to consider modeling a sugar bowl and creamer container with the same pattern.

But a really nice job so far.

Hey, KuroOokami, nice start, but seen from here one thing that - I think - is missing is light. I would expect the porcelain to be white. I think that it should be porcelain and not stoneware? But it is grey. Do you see it white?

Other than that I could imagine a plate of cookies. Would be nice.

Hey thanks for the tips, added honey jar and creamer.

Changed the lighting

looks good, but its still too dark! A table cloth would be a good addition to the scene aswell :slight_smile:

I’m not going to make it any brighter as it’ll just be too much, so hopefully that’s better.

Looking better…what are you thinking about for a background?

I am not 100% sure. I was thinking stucco wall with a painting.

Mind you finding this table cloth took forever it seemed.

Although you spent some time looking for a pattern… personally I think it goes against what your trying to show, which is the saucers cups ect…

You now have 2 similar (but different) patterns fighting for attention. I’m no decorator but you probably want the tablecloth to compliment the pattern and colors of the tableware in a more subtle way… just my opinion

Good point. I am not 100% to this one, if no good I’m going with the original concept for a wood table.

It’s looking really good so far! I agree with some earlier comments that it still needs some more light, but your modeling and texturing is superb. I’m just wondering, is there a reason that the one cup is on its side? Well done, though. Much better than I could do, by far.

Well wood would be an option, or even a glass table… for grins… maybe try to find a linen material with no pattern… just the linen material with a color that maybe is in the same hue as the blue, but much lighter in color.

Yes, much better.

But there are also some issues with gravity. Because there are some cups and spoons that look very unstable in their current position.

The honey jar produces plenty of yellow fireflies. Have you tried multiple importance samples for this material or clamp or filter glossy in the render settings? There are some rudiments of caustics at the honey jar. If you don’t need them the option no caustics could reduce render times.

If you are going for wood it should perhaps be not too rough. More like a polished and painted wooden material.

To LivingWaterLab - the cup is on the side because the painting I am using as a reference has that front cup tilted to the side.

To Minoribus - yeah, I know about the fireflies but that’s mainly because I let it go to about 250 samples instead of anymore as my computer is slow and trying to do school work at the same thing… snail’s pace.

I am curious about the gravity issue you’re talking about. I am following a painting which has the cups & spoons placed exactly like that.

With linen texture & light gray/blue

Last idea of a patterned design

Couldn’t do all glass, so wood & glass.

And finally wood.

I am curious about the gravity issue you’re talking about. I am following a painting which has the cups & spoons placed exactly like that.

I was talking about this three items. I would expect them to turn/fall in the direction of the arrows. Perhaps this is part of the artists idea, but it looks extremely constructed and artificial.