Tea party thing

This is something I’ve been working on, been trying to get it to look realistic, but I just don’t know how, so any tips you can give me on that would be great. Ordered oldest to newest (There are alot, so gander at whichever :slight_smile: ):

Oh yeah, the only post work I did was the focal blur (Because I don’t know how to do it in Blender)

And another thing, I have NO idea why I named the renders ‘Coffee’ when it’s tea…

Nothing? Aw, I thought I’d get a reply, lol.

Don’t see what’s so WIP about it ^^ To me it looks finished, but I’m just a noob >_< :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to get some realistic lighting going on, but I don’t know how :slight_smile:

Well, the lighting on the models could be brighter, I think, to match the background imagery. Also, the model textures seem a little too “perfect”… if you could model or texture a few dents in the tray or maybe some subtle stains from use, that would make it more realistic. Maybe texture on a design onto the pot or the cups. That way you’d have more balance between the details in the background and the elements in the foreground.