Tea set

Here is my tea set I made today while trying to learn how to make a great shine.


Tell me what you think!

I think the platter might be a tad to big for a tea set. Other than that, I think you’re on the right track.

Yes your shine is very good.

more tea Mr. Bike?
looks good except i think the metal is a bit too shiney

For the degree of shine the metal is quite dark, reduce the spec slightly then brighten the whole thing up. I’d also use a higher OSA setting.

What renderer did you use?
I agree with the animal and you might want to introduce more shadows to separate the objects from the plate.

very nice how did you make your wood?

Hey, thanks for the comments much appreciated. It is a internal render and I made the wood by putting a wood plank texture on a plane… with a bit of nor heres the texture :slight_smile:

Very good. Looks like mercury. What is the env map of? I would say more shadow and more osa.

it looks beautiful, but the shine is a little off. Looks like the goop that engulfs Neo in the Matrix.

Holy Stainless Steel Batman!

Looks pretty good tho, you may want to increase the OSA to reduce the jagged edges.