Tea smoke

hey guys !
Long story short : Is there a way to make an “crisp” smoke effect with much detail like with tea smoke ?!
Tried many settings, yet the smoke looks not crisp :S
i would like to achieve something similar like this one here :

add a cube and quick smoke it. make cube a little smaller.
set the density(not domains density) to .1 and check initial velocity.
now put the division for the domain up a little. i’d say 40 or 50.
add adaptive domain. now run simulation and move the cube around a little.

Thanks dude <3
Helped me ALOT for my final render :smiley:

Yet though i didnt got that crisp smoke in detail. Maybe have to up the divions … but that takes waaay to much xD

Anyways, it worked, thanks again <333

I always add that smoke in Photoshop except if i am doing animation.