team needed (around 3-4) read desc.

hey guys im 15, my skills range from modeling, texturing, my and need a team to make something really cool, i mostly need a good rigger/animator, not desperately but i could use someone comfortable with modeling (free hand or tracing is fine) and thats about it, if i can get like 3 or 4 people to help me out on those that will be great, if your interested, reply to this post, and i ll give you my email and we can email updated blend files to each other to make something great.

hope to hear from SOMEONE :slight_smile:


do you have a story models and/or any thing you’ve worked on to motivate us to join your project?
(I hope that didn’t sound rude)

im 16 years old, and other than working with someone, i also am looking for a mentor, im really into this and would like to get better, umm when i try to add pictures/videos it makes me enter a link, would you mind giving me your email so i can mail them to you

you know what, dont give me your email, heres my imgur: hope you like

Write up a good story or at least an outline first.

Well, i was thinking something around the lines on the moon landing, or maybe some intense fight, but i was hoping we could send our ideas back and forth to decide on something really cool

If it deals with Swords or other such weapons, I wouldn’t mind. I have some knowledge of music creation, I am good at modeling weapons, I can do non-humanoid animation to an extent, but not good with rigs. Game logic is not a strong point either. I dunno.

all you guys are more than qualified and if you have any ideas, feel free to throw them out there, im sure theres room for swords, weapons, vehicles, and just bout anything, its not limited