Team Needed For MMO

We are looking for team players for an MMO. We are using a cutting edge game engine.

We seek the following positions to fill,
3d Mesh modeler
Texture Artist
World Builder
Java programer
C programer
Concept artist

If interested please email me at [email protected]

Use the search button and you’ll see that there’s quite a bit competition… and to me it seems that you brought a knife to a gunfight. :slight_smile:

Ya, like ya need some screen shots or some’n

Do you want a comfy couch to relax on?? So you can see your mmo grow at ease.

Ahhh… Fresh from the factory.

Its the new car smell that got me going…

 more like a pebble.

One another project doomed to fail. Well, if it hasnt failed already lol

outa personal experiance and from what ive seen

unless the project has been passed the concept stages there is no way that you can put togather a team of people couze they dont even know what is going on

PLUS, 80% chanse that this is another dead end project

You guys crack me up. :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: HeHeHe

I suggest there will be a seperate MMORG forum where all those individuals finally can hook up to create something :wink:

Seriously, after the zillionth announcement or recrutement page it becomes obvious that there are 99,99% more announcements than finished projects.

Are theese people all the ‘manager’ type of guy and not the ‘modeller’ or ‘artist’ type of guy?

Your post could be something like this: Hi all people who have posted looking for a crew for your MMORG, listen up please. Because there are so many people interested in MMORG yet few projects survive, lets join up together in creating and perfecting a framework for all our games to work in. THE ultimate MMORG template for any project to use, and maybe link to eachother’s worlds to create an even larger experience.

Then maybe the dream of MMORPG games can become true.

Please refer to previous announcements and games for more information.

Yeah, but they do have e-mail. And lots of demands. and a yahoo page usually.