Team needed


Here is my project I am doing mostly alone: programming and modelling

I’d like to assemble a team. Here you can find a PDF with a description of the game 11 KB

The goals

  1. Take part in the nextGame Engine Competition (2009 - 2010)
  2. After that share the source with the community.
Talented needs.
  1. Anyone who is like me - can do a little bit of all or have a major in scripting or modelling

Development screenshots and models render


PM or leave a message here

Hmm… I can help. I can’t model spaceships, but I can model landscape really well. I can do a bit of everything else too(like you) :).

Game looks great!

Ok, micah, you are in. I decided to release the blend with the current demo, check the WIP thread again in few mins. I will post here or PM you a description of what we are going to do. You will be an environment modeller for the start (landscape and a city).

I’ll also join I’m beginning python, but don’t doubt me, I can do the small easy things, and I can do wonderous things with logic bricks, but I think I’m doing good with python, so if you need anything iwth python just ask… :wink: You can start me off easy and keep on giving me things that get harder and harder.

Hey, this sounds like a good opportunity to learn and challenge myself, I would be happy to contribute.

I can create textures in photo shop, Model and Animate in Blender (Low Polly or High Polly), Create Custom websites (Html/Dreamweaver), And do a little bit of Python Scripting (A little)

Email Me at [email protected] If you think you could use my help.

That was quick. Already 3 members. Please take a look at the game and tasks description PDF:
11 KB

I’d be happy to join, like Linkxgl i’m beginning python, but am quite good with logic bricks, a can also do all the other thing’s at a level of, well lets say 5/10 on a good day, except for modeling, i am not good at modeling.