Team Project by community pitch

hey guys, i want to throw this idea out there. I want to initiate the idea of a community collaborated game that shows off blender artist’s talent and the capabilities of game engine but also be something fun the community.

I will have stake in the project myself alone with anybody willing to work together.

So first is deciding on a concept and game play. What kind of game would the community like to see made.

Consider a cool game idea that the community can collaborate on.

I will rather have a very simple,well made,fully functional with no major issues in performance game that controls and plays smoothly rather than a super complex glitchy game.

Best advice for me would be to start a very small 1 level game prototype which works ( maybe an acrade type of mini game or a top down RPG etc…)+ something fun’’ could be a game with an infinite amount of playability maybe an Arena /combat type of game where you need to survive as much as possible and the 3d models in the game will be very basic with good textures and shaders.

Also to encourage people to join I would strongly suggest to showcase maybe some work you have done to attract peoples attention to join.

hey, thanks for the response fenice

I’m looking for a 1 project idea to start on and having everyone kinda vote on it.

what kind of game do you like see made. factors include enjoyment of play and excitement of collaboration. if you had to pick a game type and mechanics, which one would you pick. that’s what i’m asking. you said arcade and arena/combat type. can you narrow it down to one choice. between arcade and arena combat type, which type. if you had chose arcade, what kind of arcade might it be platform. then i want details on mechanics, theme and game play.

as what Fenice just sayd , something like an rpg game final fantasy style ,or a chibe thing game that makes people like it
in my case i would avoid action fps game,s because thy need a lot of work to make them nice and cool ,but you can chose something in between rpg games or an adventure games or even multiplayer online games as people like them a lot

I have all the functional systems to make games now.

now we move on to the fact that we need a coherent art style that is either stylised or hyper realistic.

this is just as hard as coding and requires many skillsets.

i think if we,r about to make a game for a vary long time , then we should do something easy and nice at the same time, so we should chose something like not real or a bit real but also gamey look like FF kingdom hart style

For artstyle I probably command focusing mainly on the actual gameplay mechanics first ,and then later on worry about texturing as the main goal should be to make something fun then when that target is succeed the next target can be moved on creating proper 3d models and artstyle for the game.

So far in terms of game what im thinking is something slightly different than what you see in bge .
The idea is to create a 2d/3d platformer game
The character is able to move in a 360 degree .examples of games like this (trine,super mario 3d land,wario world gamecube)

–Combact Mechanics
The game will have a percentage bar in which the higher the percentage bar is the higher the knowckback will be ,this way the user is not limited on dying due to the health bar.
when enemies die depending on the hit they can also be knowcked far away on enemies to deal dmg.
main combat elements

Shield(allows you to shield for a small time
attack allows you to attack
dodge to dodge attacks by rolling

—Enviroment and Levels
Game is basically an arena stage levels in which enemies will be spawned after a certain amount of time,the more you last the more tough enemies will appear.

The main goal of the game is to get the highest score and try not too have too many enemies spawned to survive longer(breaking revival capsules can reduce the amount of enemies being spawned.)

—Special Levels
after getting an high number of highscore in a level you will unlock special boss battles in which you can off against
(some specials levels are hidden inside the arenas and can be accessed when a specific event has been triggered)

This is just a very rough idea which still needs some wreaking and clean up on details and explanation.
But this might take some effort to make .
But I would reccomand to start with a very simple and small project like a 2d platformer game prototype with smooth controls ,enemies and then add some nice artstyle and graphics.

every thing is possible , this idea or the other one, it,s going to depend on the team who will work in the game

thanks for response fenice, this is the feedback i was looking for. i’m having a issue with the idea of a endless spawn of enemies to get high score because technically you can never beat the game. the thrill behind games like mario is level variety and beating that level, all of which are absent in the model you presented. fenice, do you think it will be fun if you kill one enemie and more just pop up and it never ends and you just chase a endless high score. would the game not get monotanous quick.
i’m not dogging your idea, i’m just trying to understand where you coming from.

i have no problem with the idea of 2d/3d platform, it’s fine. it’s just the former aspect i mentioned that’s raising concerns. alf0, can you way in the issue or anybody else about this.

what about a platformer that is also a rpg and puzzle game

I happen to have guts for all of it.
if you have the art.

I can rig it all so you should be able to share changed game items without recoding or adapting any code.

hey blueprint, platformer/rpg/puzzle, can you explain to me how this will work. the only rpg i played is ff7 and the only platformer i played really was super mario on nes. so when you say platformer and rpg, what do you mean. if you can give me some examples that will be great.

you have a 3d world, the player can climb, jump and wallrun etc, similar to prince of persia, battles take place on the main screen,

similar to fallout 1/final fantasy tactics.

so, the game is a 3d platformer that transitions to a tactical rpg in the viewport

@raxamillion Np I understand i sort of wrote a very rough idea before but his is what I mean :

the game will be an rpg combat era game ,where you will play in various themed levels , you will be able to climb and do different platforming actions to go around the level in search mini bosses hidden around the levels of which if you win against them they you will earn a key which can be used to open ‘‘Arena Stages’’ (read below to see how arena stages will work) when successfully beat all the waves fights in the arena Stage you will be awarded with new weapons and unlock the next level.

This is how the arena stages will work :
The character will spawn in the arena and will have 5 seconds to get ready.
after five seconds 5 enemies will be spawned to attack
when those enemies are defeated ,it will trigger the second wave to attack etc ,the more waves you defeat the more different types of enemies will be added.
(depending on the arena there will be some stage hazards to make the fight more intense)

But at the end after reaching a certain amount of waves you will be able to go and fight off against the Main Boss of that Level.
When defeating the boss you will be awarded with new weapons and move sets + unlock another level

As said before this might require quite some effort to make so it might be worth to start with something small but its up to you

fenice, why do you have your own thread. why don’t we all work together on one game. Instead of having one person decide on a concept, why not have the whole community decide on every aspect of the game from inception to finish. there is no point having a team project forum if no one is willing to work together.

What you mean by my own thread ?

you have your own game project. i’m saying why don’t everyone work together on one.

Positive: BGE isn’t getting nuked in 2.8, so maybe it’s time for something like this
Negative: All will likely fail

will waht Fenice said is actually a great start , the way i understand it was like
there are 4 chapter,s each one of them for existence have 4 level,s each level have a final boss, each chapter have it,s own boss level fight, and in each time you open new level you can get new or buy weapons or skill,s ,
as long as wee never worked on something before and some of us might not have the full time to be here, i think we should also think of making it easy in every thing as a first patch test, the art the game-play Mechanics the fx we,r about to use, something like that

responding to what alf0, is saying, the point is getting everyone to work on 1 project instead of having small teams working on different projects. strength in numbers. this will mitigate the issue because if one person may be busy, the other plp will pick up the slack.
i don’t have a problem with fenice’s concept if that’s everyone decides.

remember, the goal of the project is to showcase community talents and drum up excitement about bge. it’s only fitting that everyone
has a stake in the concept and development of the game. starting separate projects is going to have to stop. let’s just agree on to work on one project and have everyone contribute not just assets but decide on the direction also.

so i think for the first thing we should do is, decide what will the game be, without it we can,t go any further
so how are wee going to do this ?