Team Puschel

My latest works.

Renderer: Blender internal

Texturing: Photoshop; Gimp

Thank you for viewing my work

Great works, but That site is annoying me with its ads!

Nice work! I like the second pic best.
It’s good to see what the internal renderer can do (as I’m new to Blender).

Is the third pic fully rendered from Blender?

The last render was awsomly rendered. Happen to be inspired by Little Big Planet? :stuck_out_tongue: Very charming anyway (:

Ahah, I can’t help but laugh at the 2nd and 3rd :slight_smile: Good job, and very nice renders!

can’t see a thing! a big adds you got there. but anyway, very nice concept.

WeeeEee! Way to go with the spherical heads! :slight_smile: