Teaming up

Ok, so I’vee been surfing the net for some freelance projects but every time i stumble upon one i feel quite unconfident. I know that i lack the skills compared to pros but i’ve been using Blender for 6 months and i have made a remarkable progress. So, my idea is: is there anyone here that would like to team up with me in order to work voluntarily on various projects together in order to hone our skills? Thanks.

exaclty what kind of projects? i have been using blender for 3 years, currently doing freelance as well…

I’d say archiv, drawing from floor plans or anything similar to that. I really don’t know, anything that could be useful for practice. I don’t mind getting paid at the moment, since i dont qualify for that, but I’d love to do so in the future, when in position.


I’d be interested in working on a larger collaborative project. I’ve been doing Blender on and off for a few years now and have started running out of steam for personal project.

Anything in particular?

I’d love to do some sort of animation, but beyond that, not really.

I’m currently working on a web series and may need some help. I’ve had feedback and would like to work with other artists to do a better job with the series, to do the story justice.

Here’s a link to the first part. Need lots of characters for episode 2 as there will be a church scene, so maybe you could help with that? I also struggle with textures, but am trying my best to improve for the next part.

I am really excited about this. But i have never worked on any animation project so far. How are we gonna do this?

Well if you could drop me your email I can send you some designs for characters and you can model and texture them if you want? I need quite a few characters for the series so would really appreciate your ongoing help. You’ll get your name in the credits as well as stuff for your showreel. Unless you feel more comfortable doing environments or animation, its up to you?

Unfortunately i am not yet familiar with that kind of work. I just installed zbrush in order to learn sculpting. Thank you for your kind offer. I wish i could help. That is the reason why i am looking for partners, just so to hone skills and exchange ideas.

Any work on? Would you like to engage in archviz working on actual floor plans?

No ideas in particular. I’d be up for helping contribute to an archviz project though!

That’s great. We can work on a random project, using a reference image and then model/texture etc.

Hi everyone, it’s great to connect with you all! I am looking for someone to partner up with 3D character designer to improve my iOS game. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to hire people and the game was done in my spare time, but I can offer shares from the potential sales. The game is free to try and has in-app purchase option. Game is live on the AppStore using augmented reality and 3D animal characters

Anybody interested to collaborate and partner up? Thank you for your considerations

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Hello I can collaborate, I’m just an amateur. I work in all fields, design, modeling and animation.
but I prefer animation. I want to improve in that specialty
I give you my email.
[email protected]