Teamwork in Blender

Hi there,
Sorry if wrong thread, but was just wondering if there is any possibility for teamwork in blender.
I want to work with a few colleagues on the same file, at the same time.

If not what do you recommend as a workflow in this situation?



doing it at the same exact time would be Amazing but i dont think its currently doable, the closest think i think you will be able to do is put the project files on svn of some sort and just update the project as it is being developed then everybody on the project can keep up to date

You should work on different blend files (one per mesh for example) and then link them into the scene afterwards.

Use dropbox. Its currently the best way to do it. You can’t work on it at the exact same time but when you save it on yours it saves on theirs as well. You can also add and remove files which updates for them as well. Just make sure you trust who you connect it to.

Yes, currently using Dropbox and different blend files.Was curious if there was another way.
Maybe in future builds, although not that essential.

Thanks guys