teapot design:same stuff

it’s for testing the Blender/yafray power!

what do you think?
any suggestions?

holy moly very nice rendering, a bit dark for a product shot but great realism but i guess thats due to the hdri probe you used.

do you do industrial design?


I think that this is a realy nice render!
Nice material, May I see more Views of the teapot?

yes more views, i forgot to add that

we two should maybe setup a tutorial for product rendering for people here.

Looks like planes with emit to me. :slight_smile:

I dont like too deep black in the background reflected in the tea pot. Making the scene in a box (cube) and allowing the light from planes to illuminate the box walls would make it a little better in my opinion.

I like the teapot design, but im not sure if it would be practical. :slight_smile:

lol looks like a smily if you look at it this way.

after your comment i agree with the setup, but that might change when the view angle will be changed to the left or right.


no, i’m 17 years old, I go to the ‘‘scientific liceo’’ an italian school based on scientific subjects(mathematics sciences).
I learned blender and others 3d apps in my free time,
I LOVE the 3D art.

same screenshot and stuff:

you crack me up dude,

i thought you were a pro. well that means you work realy impressed me.
i can see your passion in it. so you just learn blender on your own?
well that rendering should go into the gallery on blender.org


holy cow, i totally agree, blender3d.org… I’m amazed, how come i still suck :frowning: Oh well, Its still nice to be in the presence of masters, 17 or not, you rock man!

I’ve posted it on blender3d.org 8)

thanks very much

That… is… ama… zing…

I don’t know how long you’ve been Blending, but that looks like years of study and practice. I don’t think I even have a best blender render.