Tears Of Steel : Call for Subtitles !

Oops you are right NiZu, must have missed them while copy pasting.
Anyway updated Brazilian Portuguese subtitles with the missing lines, and one more correction; also added the updated line 9 about the “Forty years later” in both, here they are:

Portuguese from Portugal, or pt-PT (2012-09-27 14:57 GMT) http://www.pasteall.org/35633
Updated Portuguese from Brazil pt-BR (2012-09-27 14:57 GMT) http://www.pasteall.org/35633

Hi NiZu,

Croatian subtitle in v01 is Polish :frowning:

Plz fix it.

is pasteall has been hacked? i’ve trying to open http://www.pasteall.org but see the viagra ads. so, iam upload my srt on another place.

Bahasa Indonesia Subtitle : http://student.eepis-its.edu/~ndundupan/stuff/Tears%20of%20Steel.srt

Word “awesome” is not “zajebisty” in Polish language, that translation obviously was done by some kid, “zajebisty” is swear street slang word, awesome in polish is more like “niesamowity” or “zachwycajacy”

maybe your computer has been hacked, or it is somehow infected, ndundupan ehehe:D
I am seeing pasteall correctly here.

Do you mean how to punctate “Fourty years later”? You should ma just captilize it and leave it without any dots at all. That’s a good way to show that it’s not a spoken line :slight_smile:

Here’s the Danish SRT with proper letters. I hope.

And a good way to turn the PasteAlls into proper .SRT files is to go onto each of them, individually, click on Edit and copy all of the text. Then you should open Word, paste it there, change it to the font “Courier New” and to size 11. Save it as a document, and then rename the file, removing the .doc at the end and putting a “.srt” instead :slight_smile: That should do the trick.

By the way, what about the beginning lines? The stuff about the engine and the countdown? I guess that’s unnecessary to sub? Maybe not for deaf people… :stuck_out_tongue: Also, was the line “It could’a gone worse” or whatever it was not originally “It could’ve gone worse?” And the line about him “forgetting her on earth” should have a captilized “Earth” right? :slight_smile: I’ll stop being nitpicky now…

  • Lukas

BagylenderFC&BS: Sorry! my bad. updated in new subs pack.

: What’s the issue with the existing russian subs ? nevermind the pasteall , check the sub pack .srt file , does that have issues?
Or have you tried that , but there is another (normal?) encoding for russian ? the .srt i have is done and approved by our Roman and sergey.
Btw, i can’t open your pasteall link directly , typing just the number i get a garbled text (was your text not utf8? ).

Ndundupan : added your subs. thanks. GA was hacked few days ago , but should be ok by now! for me it is.
How should i name your subs ? TOS-Indonesian.srt is ok ?

OMenor: sounds like good points , added yours as FR2 for now , we’ll see if making it default shortly.
Feel free to comment / discuss here . Or maybe open a thread in off topic section or a local forum …

: updated , in case of future updates : remove whitespaces in empty lines , that seems to break subs on vlc.

2Blackbar : good point. indeed : it’s young people speaking , but they’re not using slang words in english. “Awesome” is a ‘standard’ word that fits youth speech , not slang (as “kickas" would be) . Would be good to keep that , only words like “jerk” and "dk” are on the boundary of slang/vulgar, and could be kept as such (but as in any country , using something that is accepted for tv and movies)
Would you like to propose an updated file ?

Luka1184: you’re right … i guess countdown is not fundamental. Still all those corrections are good, takes a bit of time to add lines and update numbers , but i’ll see when i can do that for a full close-caption sub…

Thanks everyone!

sub pack v02 : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3068741/TOS-SUBS-all-langs-v02.zip

Must be remains from the original Brazilian translation from bestfx2, removed them, Portugal version seems clean.
(BTW, notepad++ is a great tool for this kind of editing, the find and replace tool is pretty powerful and can even replace line special symbols like end of line and paragraphs)

Dphantom : thanks , notepad++: i got that suggestion before for similar situations , but i’m on linux , there are so many text-editors for it … and they’re all either too simple or too complicate for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess sometimes for these kinds of operations on linux you’re more expected to go to a command line for your favorite script language …i’m getting decent at basic python in Blender (i just recently replaced parts of filenames for a comp. tree and quickly adapted it to a new scene …saved so much time! cool) But i still wouldn’t be able to solve this in a script…getting there :slight_smile:

Anyway , i found an online decoder applet that keeps line breaks (… web designers surely have easy command line tools / editors for this…)
Now i can update subs from pasteall in a few clicks :slight_smile:

Chinese subtitle, raw version:

http://www.pasteall.org/ doesn’t support Chinese characters

First : excuse me for fouble post (if so) because I had a problem when posting this message 1 minute ago.

We (FergusL, Utopik and I) took some time to discuss about the french translation on irc (#tearsofsteel and #traduc) and with the help of english speaking people on the channel, we changed some phrases to better match the movie. We also corrected some other punctuation problems.
We now agree on the following french translation : http://www.pasteall.org/35684

Of course, feel free to suggest new updates if you find better translation !

Many thanks to people on #tearsofsteel for helping us ! :slight_smile:

By the way, “40 years later” would translate to “40 ans plus tard…” and “We have main engine start… 4… 3… 2… 1…” would translate to “Allumage moteur… 4… 3… 2… 1…” but I don’t know where to put this into the file.


I don’t know if we discussed with the author of original subs as I don’t know who he is. :slight_smile:

I added the 40 years thing in this update : http://www.pasteall.org/35696

We are very happy to help Mango team and Blender community with this so little thing ! :slight_smile:

Here is http://www.pasteall.org/35700/text a French better version with more than 30 grammar errors fixed. Note there are probably still things to be imporved regarding translations themselves.

(translating and proofreading for frenchmozilla, Framalang, BabelZilla)

Just out of curiosity, are this subtitles going to be included in the TOS DVD sold by the blender foundation, or are they only for youtube/download purposes?
I believe I read somewhere (probably Ton’s twitter) that the DVD had gone gold, doesn’t that mean that the content to be included is considered final? Are these subtitles still on time to be included?

OMenor : ok , i’ll see to have the original subs author have a look then, put you in contact if needed. Your help is very appreciated :slight_smile:

Dphantom : these subs are only for the web, yes. Dvd had to be closed 2-3 days ago to have it ready for BConf.
It was chosen to include subs from the languages of the team members for dvd -as it covered a good number of countries ( with a few significant exceptions i admit)
We did our subs ourselves or with the help of local forums or friends.
All the others had to be done after the online release, and deadlines for printing were too tight.

Ah alright good to know, shame all these languages could not make it to the dvd.
Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

Thank you for converting my sub to UTF-8N file. :eyebrowlift:

BTW I recieved a comment that the sub has a miss.
I fixed it, so would you mind replacing the TOS-JP.srt in your Subs Pack with new one (below link)?


Hi Goofy,

Happy to see french people coming to help for translation with us ! :slight_smile:

FergusL, Utopik and I made what we could call a french subtitles team to change the original french translation of ToS (that we find too “robotic”) to a more “french speaking” translation. You can join us on Freenode #tearsofsteel irc channel if you want to improve what we already made here, and that Nizu has just selected as the new default french version.

We have already updated several times the original subtitles with the following changes :

  • Lot of grammar correction (as you did)
  • Improve french translation itself (that’s what we think… :slight_smile: )
  • Add the “40 years later” where Nizu wants it

You can find our newest revision here : http://www.pasteall.org/35696
This is the update I posted last night in this thread.

If you want, please come to us on irc and let’s talk with us to improve this translation !


@OMenor - Although I speak Canadian French (as in Québécois), I’d be willing to give you guys a hand from time to time, if you want :slight_smile: I say “from time to time” because I’m in the middle of several projects at once (I never learn :o), but I’ll see if I can make some time.

Goofy_bz : Hi, thanks! i missed your post yesterday.

For French subs: OMenor and everyone, if you can discuss and agree on one version i’ll use that, i spoke with David Revoy , and he said French subs were done in quite a hurry and both your versions are better than the original.
I’m sure you can agree on a common one (to me and Francesco Siddi took 5-6 mails to decide on all details :smiley: )

: no problem, i’ll update your file now.

Thanks everyone!