Tears Of Steel : Call for Subtitles !

Tears of steel :

Call for subtitles !
Project Mango has been released !

We already have subtitles for :
English: http://www.pasteall.org/35556
Russian: http://www.pasteall.org/35565
French: http://www.pasteall.org/35561
Norwegian: http://www.pasteall.org/35564

We need community help for all other languages, Thanks!
Please use this thread for submitting them.

1–get one of the existing sub files above and edit it. Save to UTF8 encoding.

2-- Use PasteAll to upload your subtitle : www.pasteall.org.

NOTE : before copy/pasting into pasteall make sure the file is encoded as “UTF8” text.
(notepad or gedit have options , just re-save with correct encoding before pasting)

3–post in this thread with a link to the sub file.

Review process:

4-- Please help verifying and checking the translation is ok.

To approve a sub we should have a few people confirm the sub by posting here , or know the sub comes from a local forum where it has been discussed and checked by different users.

To keep this manageable i’d suggest to discuss elsewhere details of translations -there are always many!- and only post “release candidate” links , and only approval posts or important questions/issues.

5-- lastly the sub file will be added to the verified list (on this post and to the youtube video)

Thanks for your help!

New subtitles received so far :

Portuguese Pt/Br

Last pack of subtitles : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3068741/TOS-SUBS-all-langs-v05.zip

We can still use proof-reading and checks on the languages above, Thanks!
Post here / contact the authors if you want to suggest changes.
Also post if you consider a sub ok and ready for upload on youtube.

Hi Nizu,
Japanese subtile is here:http://www.pasteall.org/35574

I verified it at VLC, but I don’t know it works well at YouTube system.
Thank you.

Polish with polish caps:
without polish letters:

Yamyam , Tibicen : Thanks !

Seems there are encoding issues with pasteall. I’ll see if i can recover those files.

Meanwhile Links or attachments are fine too.

Once i got working .srt files we’ll check if youtube loads them correctly.

Thanks again for your support !

Cro subtitles here:

Greek here http://www.pasteall.org/35602/text

Português do Brasil - http://www.pasteall.org/35604/text

I’ll try to send the other link with pl subtitles in the evening.

Thanks everyone !

Assuming all subs were encoded as UTF8 before pasting, they should be all right.

I’m still having issues converting the pasteall text back in usable form : when saved on pasteall , each utf8 char. is turned into a string of base (ascii?) characters like &#12345 … how do i recover single utf8 chars from that ? gedit or firefox don’t seem to be able to … working on it, if anyone has suggestions , let us know :slight_smile:

Hi there.

I would like to submit a new version for the french subtitles but I read it would be useful to discuss about this with other people before… but is there a forum topic for that ?
Any way, if this can work (as I am a new user, so not allowed to post links), you can find my proposal here : http://www.pasteall.org/35611

Main changes :

  • some translation of sentences that did not looked natural for me
  • some punctuation changed (we put a space before “:”, “?” and “!” in french)
    Notice :
  • I did no checked the timecodes and kept the original ones
  • I am very suspicious about the “I just want to be awesome in space”… does it literally means what it says or does it refers to some cultural thing ?

There you go guys http://www.pasteall.org/35615 These are Danish subtitles that I wrote. ‘Danish’ are written as ‘Dansk’ in the language itself, but I’ll let you decide whether or whether not to use the Danish spelling or not. As you may notice, I have deleted some lines, such as the Whoaaa stuff, because we generally don’t write those out when subtitling over here. Generally not in any Scandinavian country actually. We subtitle nearly all English films too, actually. But anyway… are they good and proper enough? :slight_smile:

Also, I have a .SRT version in case you want that instead. Just tell me if you’d like to have it and I’ll upload it to a storage site and put the link here.

Stay creative,

  • Lukas

Thanks everyone !
Seems all right , if people specify the name (Dansk) or acronym for the language i’ll use that in the file name.

About encoding, what’s on pasteall is standard html encoding (thanks Der_on) , now i can read it fine , i just need to keep line breaks.

All submitted subs. on pasteall are fine , then !

No wait. There’s a small adition that I made http://www.pasteall.org/35619 I had to fix some stuff really quickly. It’s all ready to be used now :smiley:

  • Lukas

I wonder why stuff like “40 YEARS LATER” aren’t in any of the subtitles haha. Should we add that to the English version, and extend the line about being chased by “robotic claws?” It’s like it’s only there for a fracture of a second or so.

  • Lukas

Portuguese from Portugal, or European Portuguese pt-PT

Português de Portugal, ou Português Europeu pt-PT


Made a few minor changes to the Brazilian Portuguese translation, hope the author doesn’t mind.
He should probably check to see if he approve the changes.

Updated Portuguese from Brazil pt-BR (2012-09-27 12:34 GMT)
Actualização Português do Brasil pt-BR (2012-09-27 12:34 GMT)


OMenor and I (FergusL) had a talk earlier on IRC at #tearsofsteel on Freenode and we discussed the sentence “and I just want to be awesome in space.” Originally translated “et moi, je veux juste être super dans l’espace.”, we make the proposal to change it to “et moi je veux juste m’éclater dans l’espace”.
We believe it makes more sense regarding the meaning of the word “awesome”, “je veux juste m’éclater dans l’espace” could be translated to “I just want to have huge fun in space”.
Awaiting opinions on this !

Modified subtitles: http://www.pasteall.org/35626

Indonesian here http://www.pasteall.org/35629

Hi , here’s a V01 of the subtitles files :


You should be able to load them in VLC.
I’ll update them according to discussion here , and in 1-2 days i’ll load the latest versions to youtube.

To recover them from pasteall i still need a couple steps , so it’s not immediate to update new versions.
Portuguese and Danish characters work directly , all others i had to convert back from html chars but keeping line breaks.
So far quickest way i found is an online converter , but i still have edit the result to remove 1 space char. in every empty line , or subs. won’t work.
Fine for now , if there are many updates i’ll have to try make a script for this…

BagylenderFC&BS , Psi-fi , Yamyam : subs added to the pack above , thanks!

Tibicen : your pasteall is fine. added to the pack. thanks.

Dphantom : added pt-pt , could you check PT-BR , seems it’s missing last lines (75,76) i’ll then use your update, unless bestfx objects.

Luka1184: updated to your last fix. good point about “40 years later” … it overlaps with line 9 , it could be added in it . Example :

00:00:42,200 --> 00:00:45,000
“Fourty years later”
Whatever, Thom. We’re done.

… i made sub 9 start a bit earlier (:42,2) and added the line.
I’m not sure about the right punctuation to indicate it’s text and not spoken ( double quotes ?)

It’s a bit cluttered/confusing . But that line is important … there’s no time travel in this movie :slight_smile:

Normal Russian subtitles for Tears Of Steel (with normal encoding)http://www.pasteall.org/35632Русские субтитры для фильма Tears Of Steel