Teaser trailer for contest game, spinhead returns

(saluk) #1

The spinhead site is back, there are quite a few little updates too. Check out the forums, post a little, it’s fun:) In case you didn’t notice, it’s been down for a week as I moved it to a more stable server. So, it should stay up just about all the time. I’ve got a lot going on with stuff, so be sure to see what’s new. And keep in mind it’s still under construction, I’ve got a long way to go yet.

The teaser trailer is available to download there as well, it’s totally awesome. It might not push blender to its limits (well, it runs kind of slow on my laptop, but that’s mostly due to inefficiency and not technical ability) but it looks kind of cool and has good (stolen) music.

||||||Link is down there

(OTO) #2

Hello Saluk
Nice trailer!
Euhh…a bit empty, but nice camera work!!
I’ll vote on you!! :slight_smile:

(Fred_Pyo) #3

Well done Saluk. And I thought that the ship what just designed simple and with no rooms… Makes me remember Pooland… (/me grabs a shovel and hits sheeps :x , no good).

I like the music? Which is it? I want it… which is it? :smiley:

One more thing dude, please work on that TINY font you have on your site… MY EYES HURT!!!..

Let’s see how your game turns out to be… hope VERY good…

(saluk) #4

Hehe, we’ll see. Thanks guys for kind words, I obviously haven’t finished populating the ship with interesting stuff though. The music is from signs:) I love that movie.

I’ll look into the font size on my site, it was too big before, and now I guess too small. Won’t matter so much when I implement user preferences, then everyone can pick a font size that suits them.

(Ben) #5

-Nice work.Nice water effect.The camera moves a little bit fast on my Blender.


(jrt) #6

Nice trailer saluk. If the game turns out anything like the music I think you should win!

Good luck! jrt.

(Blender_owl) #7

cool teaser saluk

(saluk) #8

Thank you everyone, I sure had fun with the camera moves:) I managed to find the right amount of frames to move it at each key, and it worked out beautifully. Unfortunately I have stupid blender speed problem again, ipos play too fast on some computers and too slow on others. I’ll try to remember this for the actual game, to keep at least the realtime cinemas going at the correct speed, and hopefully gameplay as well.

(Haunted-House) #9

Thats cool, makes me want to play it now!

The lighting inside the boat seems harsh, try turning the “Quad1” setting on the lights all the way up and the distance setting down.

(ben999995) #10

site didn’t work :frowning:

(saluk) #11

Well, I’ve been really sick the past few days, and my dad messed up apache. Grrr. Site should work again…