Teaser Trailer

(Nayman) #1

here is a teaser for my spider-man movie

sure we havent even started filming, but i wanted to make something and got bored, so, here it is… a cast listing, and a taste of the effects.


(snailrose) #2

hell yeah, the composition rocked…
who did the music?
everything fits for a great film
keep me updated on this
the only thing is the download time “damn 56k”


(Nayman) #3

the music is by a group called E.S. Posthumus and the song is called Pompeii

Great track

Movie schedualed to be done for christmas

(ndnchief) #4

for some reason i cant view your teaser, ugh!!! I can hear the music though, sounds awsome. Any suggestions on why I cannot view it? I thought I was updated on most all codecs, MMM?


(ndnchief) #5

Never mind, I assume it is JUST the musical composition, sorry I am Half asleep, Music rocks though, later, a Blended and Bended Mind!!!


(TurboG) #6

Do you have DivX? Before I had it lots of things were only music and no picture.

(S68) #7



(ndnchief) #8

woke up this morning and tried it again, works, go figure? looks awsome, gets you pumped to see more, very professional, makes you feel like there is something awsome on its way. Nice…

                                                    NDNChief  (need more sleep)

(Riskbreaker) #9

loved it dude :slight_smile: