TeaTime (update Jan. 13th)

Here’s a simple pic I made recently. What do you think? (Rendered with Yafray.)


That it’s freaking awesome!

Seriously awesome work. Only crit is the color of the pot with the plants. Does it have to be green like the plants?


edit: but the clock should have only 2 “feet”, not 4.

this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

man that is great,

you are fast becoming one of the top blender people here in my opinon

great mood, modeling, and light, what else is their, ok two tiny men drinking tea, sounds good to me!

It looks great, but the clock and plant feel out of place. Even the box of tea bags feels out of place, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

that`s a nice work :slight_smile: good job

Yay! It’s the mythical clock from the metal material! :stuck_out_tongue:
I really like wax seal on the box, and your leaves look awesome too!
Nice work! :o

Blend in the face of danger!

Oh, thought of a minor crit… the clock looks very old and worn but has modern glow-in-the-dark hands. Doesn’t seem very fitting.

Nice :slight_smile: Good lighting and materials. The tea bags in their wrappers might benefit from slight deformation so they don’t seem so geometrically straight and rigid.


The dents in the cup don’t look real to me. Maybe you can use displacements if you didn’t allready. But otherwise the image is great.

Great concept

I really like the littel touches of the chipped texture, the bumps/scratches

dude - you’re not allowed to just take a photo of a cup and stuff and post it on here, that’s cheating !

:o Great textures…
Fortunate “man”!haha

beauty in a bottle, love it, fantastic =D



the ‘z’ thing is a bit too much - imo it would look more gorgeous with a little less ‘z’ thing. i mean blur.

Well, I think this is an awesome peice and the only thing I can think of is the glowing hands on the older clock…though I think it’s already been mentioned. Four stars.

Very very nice image :smiley:
Only the plant in the background looks strange too me. Maybe it’s because the leaves looks very thin, but the light doesn’t go thru. Maybe make them slightly translucent?


Top notch work. Very well done. Your design portfolio is impressive also.

Very nice work, and a beautiful render. Add a contrasting color to the plant pot, and I’d say this scene is near perfect! Really like it…