Technical Artist - Fortnite - Epic Games Poland

Would you like to work at a game company where tools are a primary focus, the tools team is world class, and is always looking to improve the engine? Work with a team that consistently ships multi-million unit selling games? And be a part of creating something Epic? If you answered yes to any of those questions we would like to talk to you about joining our team, where everything we do is Epic.

Epic Games Poland is searching for an experienced Technical Artist to work on multiple new and existing IP’s across multiple platforms. You should have a combination of strong creative/visual aesthetics and technical knowledge (the job is roughly a 50/50 split in these areas). You should also be experienced in every aspect of the content creation pipeline, as well as be able to think outside the box to come up with techniques that work better or faster. Your goal will be to attack the more complex issues that arise when we push the technology envelope, both in production on current hardware, and prototyping for next-generation hardware.
Project we work on - .

• Extensive experience working the Unreal Engine
• Strong scripting and plug-in writing skills with 3DSMax/Maya plus Python or C++
• Advanced 3DSMax or Maya experience
• Experience with various software packages including Photoshop, Zbrush/Mudbox
• Max Scripting and HLSL or shader programming experience is a plus

• Material Creation. Making materials for characters, environment assets, effects etc, anything that is overly complex or technical
• Environment Polish. Reviewing levels where fog, lighting, colorgrading and fx are tweaked and new features are added
• Optimization. Use diagnostic tools to examine current content and identify areas for improvement
• Tool Development. Work with programmers on developing new features. Mock up features in external programs or tweak shader code, give feedback to programmers, and experiment with features as they add them. Not only will you be working to improve the current art pipeline of the Unreal Engine, but you will also be involved in the development of that pipeline, for future versions of the Unreal Engine
• Content creation. Sometimes the best way to get the job done is to create new assets – modeling and texturing experience are preferred, but all content creation skills will come in handy

Position type: Regular Full-Time in Warsaw Office

The offer consisting of a CV in English language and motivation letter shell be sent to .
Please add also your portfolio. We will contact only some of candidates.
Please provide a signed clause in CV: I agree to the processing of the personal data included in my application by Epic Games Poland Sp. z o. o., with its registered office in Warsaw (01-031), Al. Jana Pawła II 61 room 241 and its affiliates for the purposes of the recruitment process according to the Data Protection Act 1997 (Dz. U., Y2002, no. 101, item 926 and later changes)

why ask for 3ds/maya experienced user on a blender forum? that’s ilogical… ^^

… Because there are plenty of 3D Artist here. And where there are 3Ds artists, there are plenty of those that can use Max/maya too. It’s the industry standard, ya know.

Same as you go on a Ferrari forum asking for a Lamborghini just becouse both are plenty sport cars…

But if they are looking for a Blender 3d artist or a general 3d artist no mattering the software that they use, the post gonna be logical. :wink:

Logic that looses me is what you gain by even posting this here?

Are you working overtime to discourage people from posting jobs here? Just curious.

I have said this before and it needs to be said again. And again and again. That people post “other software” jobs here is a good thing. It likely means that they have heard good things about the Blender community. That they have heard there are great artists here, many of whom work in other apps as well. Self included.

Unless you can tell me of a place where all of the jobs posted in the universe are posted and that each person who posts here would have also posted there, I have a suggestion. Perhaps just leave it alone entirely and let it be?

One thing is a guarantee. There is no harm done in people posting jobs here of any kind as long as they are paying. You as far as I can see have nothing to gain and nothing to loose by this.

That defies logic.

i agree with free mind some people here use blender and other software,
like me using K3d or Art Of Allusion and blender.
i’ve got about a year of K3d and Art Of Allusion exp and 3 years of Blender exp, but i mostly use blender it has a better enterface

guys, these are staffing companies that are likely paid on a performance basis. The more posting they do, the better their pay.

I think we can easily say the know full well that somewhere around one percent or less of BA forum users have any marketable experience in the skillets their looking for.

These are just spammers.

Wrong on both counts. Do your research.

Actually a majority of the users of Blender that have any marketable experience at all, have professional training or work experience in other packages before coming to Blender. Not all but an overwhelming majority.

Of the majority of Blender users only a small percentage have any marketable skill at all. A much lesser percentage than most applications.

So the majoprity of Blender users that have any skill at all also use other packages as well. Especially Zbrush.

Secondly, this post appears to have come directly from the game company. Even put their logo as an Avatar.

However it does not matter even if it is spam from some 3rD party. It is here and the job seems legit.

If anyone is really put off by this, all you have to do is send over you killer Blender reel. And believe me as a guy who runs a studio, if it kicks ass I don’t care if you use your mother’s dishwasher to make 3D. And most companies won’t.

So stop wining about software and get back to making kick ass art, apply to all of the best game companies around and prove that the software is second to skill. Which it is. And get yourself a job next to some guys who have only ever used Maya. The company will probably train you if you really kick ass. (I would) And you can return the favor with showing off what Blender can do…

Sounds like a much better idea than coming here and wining about it to me. :yes: