Technical Error- Please help!!

Blender just doesn’t want to work for me. Every time I open it, everything works fine, but if I try to basically do most things (ie right click) an error occurs and it needs to close, and brings up the error report popup. I have no idea why it would do this.

To make educated guesses we need to know what OS you’re on, what Graphics card your box has and whether it’s a laptop or desktop.


or we can make uneducated guesses that you have an intel or SiS graphics chipset and are running without the latest drivers and/or are running in 24 bit color mode [instead of 16]

VIA/SG3 Unichrome IGP graphics card (shared memory)

that’s just as bad

have you tried 16 bit color mode?

No, right now I’m at 32 bit.

16 bit doesn’t make a difference. But I don’t think it would be anything about the graphics, would it? I think it has to be a file error or something. Because all I have to do is open it and right click anywhere and it has to close. I can get a video in a second…

EDIT: I have a video of what happens, and you can get it here.

I also noticed something very strange. When I tried recording with Camtasia Recorder, the errors didn’t come up. I have no clue why it would do that.

Are there any solutions?

Can someone please help??

WAIT TIME: 2 Hours 23 Min.

You should probably find another host. Maybe then we can help you.

Well. I had a problem not so long ago when i had quicktime alternative and quicktime 7 installed at the same time. It wouldnt even start up my Blender.

Try to uninstall all codecs first. Then see what happens.

How am I sure of how many codecs I have? I uninstalled one, but it still doesn’t work.

yes, it does matter. Updating the drivers and going to 16 bit mode fixes the exact same issue on older intel chipsets.

I suggest you buy a geforce 2 mx/ 4000/4mx or better