Technical Question

I’m a beginner at Blender. I’m trying to put a skeleton on my character, but every time I parent the skeleton to the model, the legs don’t move when I move the skeleton.

I’m trying to get the legs to move. I can’t seem to find any other forums with this question.

you mean “parent the mesh to the skeleton” not the other way around .

There are many tutorials on YouTube that may be useful to you, like this:

or this:

Yes, parent the model to the skeleton (or use a constraint), then go into Pose Mode and associate the pieces of the model to individual bones of the skeleton.

Then, do further moves by moving the skeleton object.

Thanks. That YouTuve vid really helped. However, the only problems I have now are that when I do the parenting with weights, there are no weights. I try to add weights, but the add weights tool always deforms the object. The other problem is that sometimes when I try to go into the weight-painting mode, it doesn’t do it.