… this isn’t a “finished” model, but the composition of the renders is complete. I’m going to make a print of this so I can bring it with me to the interview on Saturday at the Art Institute of CA - San Francisco. Wish me luck!!!

Javier Torres: Concept Sketch
Jason Saunders: Collaboration with me on this lab
Jon Carnell: Additional help, though none of his models created exists in picture anymore.

Haha, just realized I’m the only one who’s name doesn’t start with J. I’m special =P

  • Ernest Liu

the 3 J’s…heh…anyway it looks very interesting but…what is that?

fix your sig, nothing worse then having a link to a thread that’s so old that the images are no longer there and the project aqua webpage seems to be down as well!!

As for your image, I’m sure the interviewer will like it, it’s not like you have to be a uber artist to get into school, that’s why your trying to get in to begin with. Just out of curiosity why AICA-SF as opposed to AAC-SF?

Good point, I should fix that sig of mine :). Will do so… maybe later today… calc hw… gah

Anyways, I’m considering AI instead of AA for several reasons. One is that I heard AA’s media arts and animations program isn’t too great. I believe they stress a bit more on traditional art. At least that’s what one of the people who went there told me.

Secondly, my cousin was the VP of the AICA-LA. AI just created a new school in San Bern… something, and he’s going to be the president of that school. Since I’m related to him, it may be possible to get a discount (since I’m a bit financially concerned), and in general he may help me get into the school.

Ok, for financial reasons I can see going AI, but honestly, AA has a very good reason for making you take the fine art courses as well as the computer courses, you get a better understanding of how to do art in general and makes creating things in the computer that much easier. I went to AASF personally and I can tell you that the pre-req courses I’m constantly thinking back on and usnig things I learned there. I work with other artists who just went and got AA’s at “so called” art schools that just teach you the computer part and they are horrible artist. Not to say that you won’t get a good education, just how I feel, and how I think they approch teaching (AASF) as well. Good luck eather way though, loved art school, much more then HS.

Thanks for your thoughts on that. I have taken multiple looks at AI’s Media Arts and Animations program. Its not that AI does not teach traditional art, as it has quite a bit of it. Its that AA’s program (as I heard) isn’t that great in itself. Anyways, its mainly the financial thing. Hopefully entering the poster contest sponsored by AI will help with that, ranging from 2k to 25k in scholarship. :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong: this is a projector for a planetarium, right?

You could make some really cool shots with it in-place.

Planetarium? No clue what that is. On the contrary, that large sphere is a telescope :).

You don’t know what a planetarium is?? :o The place you go to watch movies about stars and galaxies and constilation at musiums!! Oh well… The usually are closely connected to where telescopes are I can see why he thought that.

Ah… actually the name “planetarium” rings a bell… hmmm… oh well.