Technics MK2 SL

Long time ago, i have done one for Luxrender, and decided to redo the body for a test on bolean ( initially was made with subdivision surface modeling )… so only bolean and hardops. This said, i should have increase the number of edge for the circular cuts.

Most textures come from substance source, but made in Cycles, principled shader, Blender 2.79

Ofc, textures will need to be remade for more realism.

Looks great! Nice modeling!
Maybe the platter looks a little flat, but i don’t know… Such an iconic turntable!

thanks Sammy,

Yeah maybe, i got 2 here, i should check the dimension of the platter, but it is flatt of what we think in general… ( well theres so many versions of the MK2 and MK3 )

Yeah, i might be wrong. So don’t worry about it.
Sold mine back in the day when cd’s ruled the market…