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Hi guys! I’m new and I want to ask to the community, tecnical support!
This is my latest job for a client. I have some question on render setup. I use E-cycles but I think that is not working as I want, and I suppose the problem is mine. These images are 3840x1600, 1500 samples but the image is not omogenous, the effects of the texture are grose and imperfects. Seems like that cycles don’t render it properly. What I have to do? I’m really frustrated

I am not sure but your issue might be related to the denoiser that is used in e-cycles. I ping @bliblubli (creator of the e-cycles), he probably knows better. You can also check this topic for a possible solution:

Good luck!

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Thanks so much! I think too that is the denoiser! But I don’t now how to fix. I also check the link of the over topic!

Indeed, it looks like the AI denoiser adding too much contrast. I guess you use level 3? If so, you can add a mix node to the denoiser albedo pass in the compositor, on the link going to the diffuse denoising. Mix it with simple white (the default) and adjust the strength until it matches the look you want. Most of the time it happens only on some textures and is very subtle. I wonder why it happens on your whole scene here.
You are also welcome to send me a file per mail for Gumroad or per user support on Blendermarket. I’ll have a look and provide a fix asap.

Note that looking more in details, it looks like the original image is very noisy? 1500 sample should be enough to get a clean render. If you have a lot of lights, you can try to use Branched path tracing to reduce noise. You can also try to use a medium or fast profile as those also reduce the noise and will make your render faster.

Thanks for fast resp
I post a render of today with no post production. The texture on the sofa appeare the same.

this is the setting

Node tree, denoising qualitity 3

Have you isolated the problematic stuff, i.e. appending to an empty scene just lit with basic lighting?

What’s your node setup for glass, considering you’re not relying on caustics for light transport and shadows etc? I don’t use E-Cycles, but I guess the rules are the same.

it doesn’t look like E-Cycles? There is no quick settings and you are using the standard denoiser here. E-Cycles denoiser is in the AI denoise panel in the render tab and requires the old denoiser to be off to work properly.

Sorry! I have to post the composing of the project. I think that is the old denoiser that create the problem!


Hi! sorry if I disturb you further. Today I try to redo the render disabling the standard denoiser. The result is not properly the same. But the problem remain. Can I send you the project to check it?

I use chocofur glass material for windows! The windows are models from chocofur free stuff

I would need the window panes (frame is not needed) and the material. I don’t use chocofur. Perhaps also the bad faces of the sofa.
Glass is tricky, I would need to see if normals are handled correctly wrt fresnel, and how transparency shader is utilized. I’ve seen some very weird setups.

Are you using portal area lights near windows, to help guide the rays “find the outside light”?
Is there any difference if not using E-Cycles?
Did you try the sofa in a clean environment?

yeah I don’t think that is the material because is create from professionist but I put the node anyway.

No I don’t use portal light, i use sunlight mixed with enviroment.

I meant the inside of it (hit tab with the group selected). Still, it has a shadow color control exposed, so I guess it’s under control. Also, I think his objects are supposed to be fairly realistic, so no single face in the glass but glass with thickness and no special considerations needed on fresnel. Depending how how the shadow is handled, you may get slightly darker or brighter shadows, but shouldn’t induce troubles like that.

Reflection glossiness 0.002? I’m guessing it should be roughness, based on that low number? So basically just a typo.

Glass IOR is off, what you have there is closer to water. Real glass would be in the 1.5-1.65 range. For glass in flat windows, this would mostly govern reflection level as refraction is hard to spot. But shouldn’t cause any real issues.

Portal lights are not real light, they just guide the sampler to “go look in the right direction to find the environment”, sorta kinda. Here is the manual page. You might be able to reduce the sample count somewhat, or achieve slightly better result for the same count. Although it shouldn’t cause issues other than some extra noise. Assuming E-Cycles is similar to regular Cycles.

So if I use portal I don’t have to use sunlight? The ior is 1.330. Yeah the object is a simple window with no strange things.

Use sunlight and/or sky if your scene requires it. Portals are only to help get a cleaner render.

Ok! Thanks for the adv