Tectonic is a puzzle game in which you slide rows and columns of the level around in order to solve a path for the actor.

  • Open to suggestions, additional block types, game modes, ect.


[INDENT]Tectonic_0.85.zip - 204kb, .blend files - requires Blender 2.56[/INDENT]


Ahhh. i dont have 2.5 installed. the structure of the game looks very nice though. once i get around to installing 2.5 ill play it :slight_smile:

very nice game. It’s still a little glitchy. the cube sometimes gets stuck inside the bricks and it crashed on me several times. WIndows 7 with blender 2.55. I tried it with blender 2.54 but it didn’t work properly(crashed after I complete each level, no time, etc)

Woah. That’s nice. I like how you have the whole level creation thing setup. I didn’t understand what was happening when I moved the plates and they suddenly appeared on the other side of the screen 0.o, now I get it though, I was playing around with your level creator and it’s pretty fun :slight_smile:

I would suggest to make triggers for the game. Certain things the player touches (the cube) triggers something in the level that makes it move challenging or easier to beat the level… Though I can’t think of examples. The gravity changing blocks are a cool idea for that kind of thing.

Here’s a level a created:

Thats concerning, would blender freeze up or would you just get a grey screen although blender would still be responsive? Any console outputs may help.

The cube gets stuck inside the blocks because I am changing the position of the cubes rather than applying a force to them which I should probably do.

I plan on making the tile jumping a little less confusing, but thats low on my list of priorities.

Maybe a trigger that turns all lava blocks into normal blocks or teleport block. Its a good idea.

I’m also thinking about adding in rows or columns of blocks that don’t move, as to increase the complexity of the levels so that levels such as the one you posted can’t be solved sooner than they were intended :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, two more levels people can try out:

S          <#>          F
 S              F 

Andrew… how the hell did you do the level editing from text files mate? I may just have to try and figure this out, it’s brilliant!

I thought so too :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out Level.load(), theres no comments but it should be pretty straight forward if you stare at it long enough ^^

Also, new version up - essentially all the features and coding I wanted to do for the competition are down and all thats left is to make a buttload of levels.

Hi, andrew!

Just wanted to chime in - your game is one of the most original puzzles I’ve seen in years.
I really hope you can get lats of eyeballs on this concept. :smiley:

Also thank you for your many posts on these boards - they’ve really helped me get a handle on Blender scripting.

Best of luck.

Thanks for your votes in game competition. It was a much better result that last year! ^^

Is there anyone out there with a mac or linux OS willing to make a launcher for their respective OS for me?

Also, bumping with updates:

  • Re-coded most of the game, as rushing to complete the game in 3 days left it a bit messy.
  • Re-did some of the tile graphics
  • Re-did the level select screen and added level previews
  • Generally tidied the whole look and feel.
  • Added a windows’ launcher.

Tectonic_0.83_1.rar - 204kb (.blend file) - recommend
Tectonic_win32_0.83_1.rar - 10.2mb (window’s launcher)

http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q146/andrew-101/Blender/Tectonic/tile_01.png http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q146/andrew-101/Blender/Tectonic/tile_03.png http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q146/andrew-101/Blender/Tectonic/lava.png



I’m on Mac, let me know next time your on #gameblender and I’ll get a launcher working for you.

I created a level editor, to make the level creation process quicker. I also added some new blocks.

http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q146/andrew-101/Blender/Tectonic/tile_06.png - Unmoveable block

http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q146/andrew-101/Blender/Tectonic/tile_07.png - Another type of unmoveable block.

http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q146/andrew-101/Blender/Tectonic/tile_08.png - Yet another unmoveable block. Hit this block to remove the block with the X on it.

Download: Tectonic_0.85.zip - Requires 2.56