Teddy Bear Blues...tex

Wow its been awhile since I last posted…but anyways heres my problem or question i guess.


I want to have the fur look but without particles, maybe using textures through a node setup if possible. How would I go about it?

Any Help??

Pretty good but your teddy bear kind of looks like a horror movie. In order to get the results buttons may not be the key. You see teddy bears have button eyes when they are a cloth only and very little fur. If you want your teddy bear to look right use glassy eyes (make them shine) like human eyes. For those incredibly furry bears (that are wide). Oh yeah difentitly use soft body because your teddy bear looks like chocolate rather than stuffed.

Thats my advice.

ok heres an edit with the eyes done


(hopefully u think they look alright), but im not sure what u meant by the soft body because I have never used it before!? Im still working on the color to look more like a real teddy bear would but I really dont like the particles. Thanks for the suggestions Company2 and maybe u could give me a little overview on the soft body thing.

Hey where did the fur go the buttons match the fur.

You will need to get a fur image. You can use genetica($$$, but free demo), camera, photoshop, etc.