I need some tips on modeling my human characters teeth.

I also need a wolf blueprint please.


Teeth model is usually a separate object from head. Well actually the upper teeth is growing out of the skull, so technically it is attached to the head. Jaw is hinged right at the front of the ear. That is where jaw rotates from and you need to account for that for animation.

To model it, just make a horseshoe shaped geometry for gum. And attach each teeth on to it.

It’s a little more complicated than that, depending on your model style. The gums need to reflect the underlying roots of the teeth, and the teeth themselves all have distinctive shapes, though they can of course be stylized to whatever extent fits your character design.

@ Sonic14: Download my Othello Face Rig file (see my sig) and there’s a set of human choppers already modeled if you’d like to use those as a basis for your model. Also shows how they can be rigged.

thanks guys!

Stumbled onto this thread. Great advices here. Not sure if you’re looking for realistic or toony teeth, but I just thought I’d link a video I made for toony teeth a while back.