tekken styled game

this time i try to make a little tekken styled fighting game
Now i am almost finished with my first character:


ideas for other characters??

If you are making a tekken style game leave character modeling until last. Make a basic arena (an untextured plane will do) with a riged block man. Make a good rig as you will be using it for all your characters.

Now start work on animations. Hit detection could be done with a collision block on each foot and hand colliding with a collision block on the opponents torso. you can use velocity to decide damage or specify per animation.

Seriously animation and good collisions are what make fighting games. Graphics come second and with a good base of animations/game-play 3d modelers will flock to help your project along.

The best plan is to decide on a few fighting styles, draw up some move sets and animate those.

i have alreadey set up my truth table
(jep u are right)
i have concentrated to much on ai and modelling, that i totally forgot gameplay

What is tekken? Please enlighten me. Please?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EDJ3P5Ec4A&feature=related … the first one
its just a arcade fighting game
but for my game i prefer my own style
(with this game i will hopefully learn more about the game engine, to push it graphically on it`s limits=)
If you have any name sugestions, post it

I love tekken, making a tekken game in blender seems to me to be a nightmare to me though. But don’t let me bring you down, good luck. And you got to have someone who does Jiujitsu in the game…:smiley:

last week i did some prepareation work, (i basically use vertparented boundingboxes for the hand, head, torso and knees and three states … attack, defending and do nothing) so my project seems not to be tooo difficoult yet
the most problem would be combos and of course a good ai

combos is just one long animation split into pieces, and then at certain places you can have a divergence where one combo opening can lead into up to 3 different combo closers

good luck, I hope you get it. This is a hard path.

Hmm… you sound much better prepared than I originally thought! Well if you think combos are the tricky part just rent out some kung-fu movies (or youtube) and during the fight scenes pause and sketch the cool moves (about a sketch per seccond). stick men will do. Then transfer these motions into blender on your chara mesh.

Attack, Defend and Idle states sound like a great way to do things. I’m so busy but now you have me wanting to give this a try (I love me some tekken!)


Actually now that I think about it getting a working prototype where you control a basic character would be paramount so another thing you could do is get a rip of some street fighter sprites (they have very few combos in the old games) put them together in animations and get your controls down. Then start focusing on adding your own animations. I still stand by saying graphics should be last though.

instead of states I’d just use properties, unless that’s what you meant, for hit, defend, evade -

have you thought about some kind of cheap mocap system?

good to see theirs a new genre of game coming towards blender mostly people go with adventure cars motobikes and fps but everyone likes a platform based fighting game

the most problem is ,that i only could work on weekends (school :frowning: )

well that happens to everyone my bus missed me today

I’m actually working on something similar at the moment (was going to start testing things today actually) except that I’m going for more of a Street Fighter 4 vibe than a Tekken/Virtual Fighter type game. I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find info on how I would go about implementing something like this, this post confirmed some of the information I found in-terms of hit detection. So I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this post for ideas and drop some of mine. My goal is to prototype the logic and how everything will work then transfer to a more robust game engine down the line (Unity, or Ogre3D with other libs). I’m going to try to get as close as possible to what I want then once I have the basics down re-implement them in the external game engine. If the whole CrystalSpace thing would have worked out it would have made things much easier.

The reason I’m thinking of using an external engine down the line is becasue I want to do more advanced things later on, such as using particle effects and more advanced rendering techniques, speed is also an issue.

did you make the vertex parenting collision works? becasuse I didn’t. I have tried a couple of times to make this kind of game, and I’ve never get it.

im sry i have parented the collisions cubes to the amature
(currently i am reworking the story, the game logic and adding some new gameplay features)
i hope i will get stunning results soon (school :frowning: )

Ok, collisions cubes parented to armature, have you got collision working with this method? for example, have you got to kick a cube like a ball?

I think you should to got this first, before to continue with your project.

not that kind of collison