Telecoping and Unfolding

Hi All,

Does anyone have any techniques on building objects that open and or unfold?

Any advice or tutorials come to mind?

I read about stretching bones. Are these style animations typically boned?

Thanks :spin:

Hi, there is a rig here but there is a better on that uses hinges, I think.

I dont remember where I saw it, but it was in the wiki.

Here is another one, still not with the hinges, lol.

Some where there is a tutorial on opening a box. It uses hinge joints on the bones, which are very precisely located on the box lid fold lines. You can scale bones to make it look like something is telescoping, without really telescoping (texture stretching might be a problem) or you can actually telescope objects that start out nested within each other. With separate nested objects it might be just as simple to animate the object directly without using an armature.

lol, I agree.

Thanks for the links and advice!