Hi there,

just want to share a WIP with you. Here it is:

I know, the grass doesn’t look to good (it was made with V1.0 of Ripsting’s grass-script… the good old days :smiley: ) and will be updated with grass from the fibre-scrip.

There will also two aliens be added in the foreground which I’m modelling in Wings at the moment.

Question: I’m not from the UK so I don’t have any references how the telephonecel looks from the inside (especially the phone!). Is there someone who can send me a picture from the inside? Thanks in advance.

Any C&C are welcome.


Great depth of field in that render.

Here is a link to a ref photo (I’m not from the UK either)

I like the ship, the phone booth. the tree is great! very convinving looking. I think the mountain in the background is a little TOO blurred, looks like a set on a stage at a theatre. very cool overall! :slight_smile:

Yes, the background is a bit too blurred.

yep, background too blurred. Could use a bit more expensive lighting as well i guess, but it’s already a nice scene!

cya henrik

P.S.: it looks like the grass suddenly ends, it would be better if it slowly disappears…

Thanks for the comments.

Yes, the grass ends indeed. In the final version I plan to correct that by growing the grass down the hillslope.

The blur-effect was actually planned that way. I took a Terragen-pic and blurred it by hand with a paintprogram. The overall look of this picture should be like someone had taken a photo from a rear distance with a 300mm camera. That causes the very small sharp depth of this picture and the great amount of blurring.