Teleport attack (Warp Striker)

Hello everyone, I would like a little help with a little game that I am doing. In the current situation, I would like to make the character teleport to the position where he throws the sword (just like Noctis from Final Fantasy). However, I have no idea how to make the character follow the sword when I throw, it just goes and the character stands still. I would very much like him to follow and go where the sword collides, does anyone know how?

You would probably need to script this.

1 ) Spawn an object, apply force to it, so that it flies away.

2 ) Detect when it hits something - when it hits, store the position of the hit.

3 ) Delete the spawned object, and move the character to the stored position.

Eu gostaria de fazer isso, mas eu não entendo muito sobre o python, então não sei como fazer isso via script XD.
Alguma ideia ?

Ah I see, hmmm then I suggest you learn how to script in Python.

It can be overwhelming at first, but you will be able to create much more of your ideas this way.

^This guy really helped me learn. These tutorials may not be the right for you, but we must all start somewhere.

I’d suggest you try to learn basic things first, and not get too caught up in your dream idea.

If you master the basics, you will soon realize that almost all advanced things are really just chaining lots of simple things together.

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Entendi… Bom, então o jeito é estudar mais o python XD.

Yes I believe so xD
I think it may be possible to do it with logic bricks - but I fear it will be more complicated than beginning to learn python xD

Realmente os logic bricks são eficientes mas só até certo ponto, depois vira uma bagunça sem volta XD.

just watching…

Eu já vi esse vídeo, meu maior problema está em criar o script no upbge, afinal, aí ele faz na Unity XD.
Não consegui transferir todas as informações para o upbge.

yeah it’s all doable with relative ease.

sim, da pra fazer.

Estou tentando descobrir como XD.
É bem complicado

Christmas came early this year ; )

WarpStrike_FinalFantasy.blend (928.2 KB)