teleporting to different levels.

ok, so i actually started my own game now, but i want to be able to have the inside of a station as a seperate level and i want it to be acessed when you go through the hangar and go back to the space ‘level’ whe you touch your ship in the hangar. is this possible, and if so how?

if you are going to help please make it easy to understand because i am new to the GE.
thanks in advance.


What I would is add logic bricks when you touch the ship, scene, new scene and then you type in the name of the scene that the ship is in.

Here is a pic/tut:

ok, thanks. oh and btw would you know what sensor i would have to use to make somthing automaticly keep moving once it starts?

hmm, the changing of scenes dosent work, do they need to be actors or need some special settings?

Doesn’t work? I know it works for me. Just to be sure: you are typing in the name of the scene you want it to go to. Do you have your sensor set correctly? Other than that I can’t really think of a reason why it wouldn’t work.

And about the other question, I don’t really know what your trying to ask, please explain.

made this some time ago for a little project of my own, but u can use it if u want.
of couse loyalty-free


thanks blenderizer

and ace, i got the level change working but the other question is: i want the ship to be able to fire missiles, and to do this i have them set to fly forward when you hold down the fire button, but what i was trying to ask is how to make them fly foward continuasly after just clicking the fire button (so you dont have to hold it.)

like this :wink:


yea, thats what i have set up for the misssiles now, but i need the missile to carry on going even if i take my finger of the fire button.

yes it will do that, please observe that i pressed INV

Just use Force to make it carry on after you let the button up.

ok, i’ll try it.

ok, thanks for the help guys, its working now (hoorah)

but there is one last thing (sorry!)
when i UV map somthing when i press p to play it just goes white, and yes, i pressed texface, so is there a way to stop it?

could we get a blend?

i actually just got it to work, but thanks for offering.

ok, thanks for all your help guys!