Tell me that other people also have this issue....

All so pretty - except for one thing:

could you be a little more descriptive?

You are in the tiled area. i.e. If you were to move the selected UV exactly one unit to the right, there would be no change.

Working on a UV layout, get something nice and symmetric and nice looking, but one island doesn’t fit.

Yeah, I know, I had to play around for another 10 minutes to get it all to fit nicely.

Are you planning to paint the map for this inside or outside of Blender?

If you’re going to use Blender, in Blender’s texture paint at least, you have the option for symmetry (which does not care about how the UV map is laid out). It would likely be the same story if you used Substance Painter as well (UV symmetry would mainly matter if you plan to use Photoshop or a traditional painting program).

sdf, just move it manually. G to grab.

(For reference, this was an attempt at humour. I do very well know how to fix it, and the BGE’s unwrap tools are nowhere near smart enough to get a pack like that one. The humour is <apparently not> that it is a nearly perfectly symmetric layout that fits neatly in to the area - but there is one piece left that will result is both less symmetry and a less efficient pack. Anyway, apparently my humour doesn’t convey across the internet - somewhat unsurprisingly.)

ha. I should have looked at your post count.