Tell me What you think of my Tank

(H-C) #1

Here is a tank i modelled From Warhammer 40,000 if you have ever heard of it like model tanks etc play games with. picture that i modelled then another one of it being hit by a plasma grenade.

(malefico) #2

How did you do that glow fx ? Cool picture btw !



(macouno) #3

Robot wars here you come! :wink:

(pen) #4


Nice model.
I would suggest to bevelling your modell a bit more.

Btw. I worked on a tank model a while ago too, but did not finished it


(pen) #5

…and, please add more light! :slight_smile:

(ulrik) #6

nice work, but

  1. the bolters are missing

  2. the exhaust vents are missing

  3. allthough the original model is low-detailed, I would add a bit more detail, especially around the door area

  4. they just released a new Rhino :wink:

Seriously, I like the model, it is an exact reproduction of the original Rhino (except the bolters and the exhaust vents) but remember that the original Rhino dated back to the very first WH40K version - Rogue Trader. I’d say use your artistic freedom to add more detail to the tank, it would make it completely perfect if you ask me.

Do you plan on doing Predator version built upon this model?

(H-C) #7

it was an old tank that my brother had collected so i copied it, but i am thinking of buying them the new stuff perhaps i might copy something else, but my brother also has a dreadnought im starting it at the moment
the tank that i modelled here wasnt really detailed enough but the Dreadnought will be very detailed. That was the first Tank model i have done so its an achievement. im also thinking of doing a big battle scene, with a Space marine stamping on a Skull, as the Centre Focal Point.

Thank you all For your Comments and i Hope to make Something Better to show you all.

(blengine) #8

yeah that looks great! but the tanks texturing is a bit too clean for my tastes…and too sharp bright as well…thats my only complaint =D great job

(scrappy) #9

finally a geocities user that puts their image on a html page, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!, i like how the paint is worn away at the edges and corners, looks nice, i also like the glowing explosion effect in the second image. :wink:

(Haunted-House) #10

It does look too clean give it some battle scars!
I like the second image with the explosion
Great work!