Temperature video card in cycles.

Hi. I bought a video card ZOTAC GeForce GTX 580 AMP2 3GB. The temperature during rendering Cycles rises 75 degrees (the system block open). I do not know if this is normal or not. I have the time to exchange it for another. Help please advice.

The GTX580s save operation temperature is 97°C.
So your 75°C are nothing. For the 400 series it was 110°C IIRC.

If the card exceeds that temperature it should clock down itself until it has reached save temperatures again.

arexma Thank you for your reply.

Yes, they are normal temperatures. Also if your case has a side fan, temperatures should improve when you close your computer.

I somehow expected lower temperatures from a cooler that takes up two PCIe slots by itself. Is this GPU model factory overclocked? Working temperature with a Gigabyte GTX580 3GB is normally around 70ºC during very long render sessions. It uses Windforce 3X cooler, which only takes up one extra PCIe slot, but the card runs at stock speeds and my case has a large side fan, so maybe those factors account for the temperature difference.

@Arexma: In my experience, reaching 97º (when trying to make my GTX580 work alongside the Quadro) will cause a system crash, rather than a simple slow down. :smiley:

UPDATE: I did check Zotac’s site and it seems the AMP2 3GB does indeed ship factory overclocked, so I guess that’s the reason for the temperature difference.

JuanJosé Torres Thank you for your attention.