Temple of Vesta

Couple of studio renders and some with simple scene setup.

This looks pretty good indeed. The pavement though looks quite modern for the temple. From what I see, it doesn’t seem to be put on a pavement. Of course, you don’t have to mimic reality, but it looks pretty weird. I see that that’s the texture from Andrew Price’s tutorial, you could try applying those principles to a cement or ground texture (with ground you’d need a bigger displacement I think, maybe a cloud texture or a noise texture – beginner here, I am not completely sure if the noise texture would work as intended). Also, I am unsure if you are striving for photorealism, but if you are, it doesn’t look completely realistic. It looks very good for putting them in a game, but not for photorealism. You should try working on the colours. Also, you can work on the background.

How did you do the column details? They look very nice!

@AkiraOkihu - Thanks for comment. My main focus is on model (temple). I created pavement, grass, tree and background just for some quick scene setup, to try different renders then just those in studio setup. For pavement, I downloaded texture from cgtextures and made it seamless and created different maps in gimp (yes, same image Andrew Price used in tutorial). I agree with you that these are not photorealistic renders and I should definitely present model in a better way next time.

@Kanetik - Thanks. For column details I modeled high poly version and baked normal maps.