Temple Steps

Temple Steps.



Incredible composition on this. Feels very tangible! Perhaps add a subtle displacement modifier on the tree trunks to warp them a bit.

Love the Fog in the back (is that mist or volumetrics?) + the moss/foliage

You’re #featured! :+1:

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love the ambiance.
nice picture.

this really amazing

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This is pretty near perfect, the suggestion about displacement on tree bark is good, but you’d have to be very subtle with it (or go over it in Photoshop here and there might be quicker).

Fantastic work! the mood its very well crafted!


AMazing render! To bad not more info is given and perhaps some wireframes and such.

Hi Rombout,

What did you want to know?

basic info: file size on disk was 4.8GB, when loaded in ram the blender file used 16.5GB of ram.
every item had a particle system of sum sort. the stone steps till the 3 lamp had about 35,000 moss particles on each steep, i used graswald for the groundcover and the Grove for the trees.
it was rendered over 10 hours by cpu and used 41GB of ram at 1024 samples, I used the fog setting in blender and post colour correction with darktable…

Wow, this means you have at least 64Gb of ram on your machine and a very powerfull cpu :slight_smile:
Looks excellent! Great job!

Some music to go with your Render. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love it, please make more stuff like this! :heart_eyes:

Wow looks fantastic I wish I could achieve this kind of realism in Unreal engine hopefully with dedicated ray tracing nvidia gpu in the future.

The only thing I’d suggest is that you choose a different lens f-stop for your camera. Right now the apparent distance as you peer through the first archway seems somehow longer than the forest could be. I’d suggest experimenting with this camera setting a little bit, just to see what happens.

I was just curious, i like it when artist show scene in 3d viewport and such.

Thanks for that info! Dang how is you system handling that. How many verts are in this scene if diskspace is 4.8GB is that with compression on? Must be terrible to work with inside BLender. Really a pitty they didnt work on that part