Temporary Traffic Controller - Study Project

We’re happy to present another project in our progression in animation and construction! The basic idea was to make a small scene to test animation on a small scale.

Study project using Kubixer for the base-modeling, Blender for all the rest, and LMMS for the sound.

Thank you for watching our work! :heart:
We’d like to hear what you think! :star2:

  • @anael_3d: Idea, 3D Design & Modeling, Colors
  • @kelim_3d: Rig & Animation, Lights & Effects, Sound

I like your animation!!
Thanks for sharing this! :smiley:

Happy you liked it! Thank you for your kind feedback :blush:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

It’s an honor, thank you :heart:

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